STEP 9: You also must complete the Request for Judicial Intervention (Form UD-13) and, if there are children under the age of 18 who are subject to the matrimonial action, the Addendum Form 840M. 

STEP 10: You also must complete the Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage, the postcard, and, where applicable, the UCS 111 (Divorce and Child Support Summary Form). If a party is requesting child support payable to a person or entity other than a child support collection unit, the party must complete, as well, the New York State Case Registry Form. 

STEP 11: You must file the completed forms, including a copy of the Summons With Notice or the Summons and Verified Complaint, with the County Clerk’s Office. Include three (3) copies of the Note of Issue (Form UD-9). 

STEP 12: Unless you are granted a poor person’s waiver, you must pay a filing fee for filing the Note of Issue (Form UD-9) and the Request for Judicial Intervention (Form UD-13). 

All of the papers filed with the County Clerk’s Office will be submitted to the judge. If the papers are approved, the judge will sign the Judgment of Divorce (Form UD-11). 

If you are asking for maintenance, custody, visitation, or distribution of property, the court may require a hearing, even if there is a prior court order or a prior agreement between you and your spouse. If there is no prior court order or agreement, you and your spouse can try to settle these issues by signing a written agreement, but any agreement with your spouse is subject to judicial approval prior to the court issuing a Judgment or an order incorporating the parties’ agreement. Prior to making a decision about approval of the agreement, the court may also require a hearing. The court will notify you and your spouse to appear, if a hearing is required. 

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