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15 of the Oddest Laws from Around the World


Everyone comes across a law at some point that strikes them as just plain weird. The good thing about ridiculous laws is that they’re generally not enforced, but the fact that they still exist might say something about the government that hasn’t gone to the trouble of abolishing them yet. These are 15 of the oddest laws both from overseas and right here in the USA.

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10 Completely Archaic Laws Still On the Books


If you come before a judge for one of these violations, he may be tempted to laugh you out of court. How do these crazy laws come on the books?

We live in a world of laws. Speed limits and traffic laws regulate the manner in which we drive. Criminal prohibitions on everything from fraud and embezzlement to assault and battery provide order and control to everyday life in a free society. Personal injury laws may seem like they are intended to pad the pockets of doctors, lawyers and insurance companies but most were intended to protect people in the event of an accident. Continue reading


As a law student, you might feel overwhelmed by or even resentful of the lawyers you have to study — after all, they keep you up at night studying and memorizing their court cases, arguments, and philosophies. But beyond the numbers, dates and motions that you have to study for class, try to take some time to consider the contextual history of these truly great lawyers. The sacrifices they made to loyally support and revolutionize the law, human rights, and their country’s judicial system are both humbling and impressive. Continue reading