A lawyer debunks five myths about beating traffic tickets

By: Mark Frauenfelder

ticketIf a cop doesn’t show up for court, your ticket will be dismissed: false. If you overpay your ticket by one penny the ticket will not go on your record: false. If your ticket has a mistake it is invalid: false. If you get a ticket in another state you can ignore it: false. Attorney Steve Lehto debunks these myths and more in this Jalopnik article. His final paragraph is my favorite:

I will now brace myself for the deluge of comments which will fall into two categories. The first will be the tl;dr’s who will say, “I skipped the words-section of this piece but wanted to tell you that a surefire way to avoid the points is to overpay the ticket by a penny and then refuse to cash the check.” The second will be the people who will call me names because they have done each and every one of these and they worked every single time. They zip around town now ignoring all traffic laws because the police know it is useless to try ticketing them. They have gotten out of so many tickets using these and other top secret methods that the police have simply given up trying. Go ahead and tell us all about it.

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