Questions about the status of any particular case should be made to the court, at telephone numbers listed at the Court Locator. However, please be advised that, during this health emergency, communications may sometimes be difficult.


Notifications about updates also will be sent out via the New York Courts Alert Emergency Portal (to sign up to receive alerts, visit:


Access to New York State courthouses by persons who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of the coronavirus is not permitted. If you have a matter with a scheduled appearance, and fit into this health category, please call the court for further information.

Jury service: While most jury service has been suspended, if you receive a juror notice in coming weeks, please follow the instructions set forth on that notice. However, if you are summoned to a (grand) jury, please be aware of the restrictions that apply to prospective jurors at risk of the coronavirus.

If you believe that you are a victim of Domestic Violence or are in fear of your immediate safety, please call your local police department right away.

Information about reported coronavirus contacts in the court


If you have any questions relating to the coronavirus and the courts,

please call the Coronavirus Telephone Hotline at 833-503-0447. For the latest

information on coronavirus and guidance on how to protect yourself, visit:

the New York State Department of Health or the Centers for Disease

Control. The State Department of Health also has a coronavirus hotline at 1-888-

364-3065. Your healthcare professional always is the best person to consult for

questions about your personal health and well-being.

For more information visit

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