How to Evict a Tenant

As a landlord, you always try to rent to the most responsible tenants. However, sometimes problems arise. If you’re put in a compromising situation, exert your right as a landlord to evict the troublesome tenant. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to evict a tenant from your property.

  1. Determine the violation Depending on where you live and the conditions outlined in the signed contract, there are a number of violations that a tenant can commit to justify being evicted from your property. These can include not paying the rent, violating the lease, causing health and safety issues to other tenants or damaging the rental unit. To determine if your tenant is violating the contract, visit a lawyer who can advise you about your rights as a landlord [source 1=”Larson” language=”:”][/source].
  2. Provide written notice As a landlord, it’s your duty to provide the tenant with a written notice of termination in order to evict him and before you can take further action. Every state’s laws stipulate an amount of time a landlord must give his tenant to vacate a property. Be sure to give the tenant the legally stipulated amount of time to leave your property.
  3. Apply to the board Many areas have a landlord and tenant board. If your tenant refuses to vacate your property after you have provided written notice of termination, you can apply to the board to receive a hearing. You and the tenant will plead your cases to a Member of the Board and a decision will be made [source 1=”ITB” language=”:”][/source].
  4. File a lawsuit If you live in an area without a landlord and tenant board, consult a lawyer for legal advice. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the tenant. Remember that a lawsuit may not be the speediest of solutions, but it will provide you with legally binding results.
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