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The Trump Organization is a collection of approximately five hundred commercial companies, with Donald Trump as the sole and principal owner. Currently, around two hundred  Trump-branded businesses are operating right now under the Trump name. The businesses have or have had involvement in real estate development, investment, brokerage, sales, and marketing but also extend to other fields.

 The Trump Organization (and all its affiliated companies) undertakes different types of real estate investments in hotels, resorts, residential buildings, and golf courses throughout the world. The entities also see prevalence in the fields of construction, hotels, casinos, entertainment, book and magazine publishing, radio, and television. Interestingly, The Trump Organization has a stake in the production firm that created The Apprentice, a popular reality television show.


The Manhattan-based Trump Organization owns several high-end real estate properties in New York City and beyond. Furthermore, Trump International Hotel & Tower, Trump Tower, and 40 Wall Street are included in the portfolio. The company owns and manages eighteen golf resorts and operates hotels, resorts, residential towers, and office complexes throughout the United States and overseas. While the Trump Organisation originally owned Trump Pageant Inc as a subsidiary, WME Entertainment bought the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe beauty pageants in 2016.

Donald Trump’s paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Christ Trump, and his father, Fred Trump, established the company in 1923, as E. Trump & Son. Donald Trump first took charge of the organization in 1971 and delegated control of the organization to his children in 2017. Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, now handle the daily operations of the business.


Since there is a distinct lack of publicly available financial records for the Trump Organization’s assets and Donald Trump’s personal tax filings, the actual worth of the organization is difficult to estimate. A major concern has been the alleged intentional overestimation of the value of the Trump Organization properties via strong media lobbying, supposedly to increase the estimated net worth.

The Trump Organization is a privately owned corporation, and thus is not legally obliged to publicly announce quarterly financial reports. As a consequence, the main route for tracking Trump’s companies and finances has been the yearly financial reports to the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. Presidential candidates must submit a financial disclosure every year, which is essentially a  list of assets, income sources, positions held outside the U.S. government, business transactions, liabilities, and gifts received. 

The analysis of Trump Organization financial disclosures should bear certain precautions in mind, especially that the data is unaudited and self-reported.  Yet another complication is that the Trump Organization itself has contradicted its own numbers in disclosures. 


Over the years, the Trump Organisation has had to face multiple investigations regarding fraud and tax evasion. Most recently, the New York State Attorney General’s office and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office announced their intention to begin a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization. Trump, his business, and its officials were called upon to appear before a special grand jury to examine whether or not to indict them. Until June 2021, longstanding CFO Allen Weisselberg and COO Michael Calamari were the subjects of an inquiry by the Manhattan District Attorney.

The Trump Organization was officially charged with a 15-year ‘scheme to defraud’ the government‘, conspiracy, and falsifying corporate documents on July 1st. The company and its Trump Payroll Corporation subsidiary were hit with a total of ten criminal accusations, while Weisselberg was charged with fifteen felonies, including grand theft and providing a fraudulent document for filing.

As part of an investigation by the New York Attorney General, Trump and the businesses are currently under scrutiny for how the Trump Organization evaluated assets on financial statements. 


In August 2020, as a result of civil investigations launched by the New York State Attorney General into asset inflation, the organization was forced to provide over information that it had been withholding. According to the Trump Organization’s response to Letitia James [Attorney General of New York State], the Trump Organization refused to provide the requisite records, and Eric Trump rejected to be questioned.  The group is now being investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York for allegedly inflating insurance claims.

On February 22nd, 2021, the Supreme Court of the United States authorized a subpoena for Donald Trump’s tax returns and other financial information from the Manhattan District Attorney. However, because grand jury secrecy laws require a grand jury decision to remain classified, this announcement does not imply the verdicts will be made public. In particular, the prosecutors are examining whether Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization (or maybe other individuals or companies affiliated with Mr. Trump) had partaken in underhanded activities like undervaluing their property holdings to get loans and favorable tax treatment.



The Trump Miami Resort Management LLC is based in Miami, Florida, and is part of the hotels, motels, and resorts industry. The company does business as Trump National Doral, Miami, and New York City Process Service may be accepted as such. Trump’s company, Trump Miami Resort Management LLC, collects almost USD 11 million (USD) in sales. Since the Trump Organization itself spans over five hundred companies, the Trump Miami Resort Management LLC corporate family also comprises nearly sixty businesses under its umbrella. 

Doral, Florida, is also the location of the Trump National Doral golf facility, which was established in 1962. Trump National Doral was controversial in 2019 when the erstwhile President stated that the G7 summit in 2020 will be held there, a decision that was later withdrawn amidst outcry. 


Trump International Management Corp is located in New York, NY, United States, and is part of the business services industry. Trump International Hotel & Tower is a major establishment that forms a part of Trump International Management Corp. The entity was incorporated in New York on 10th September 1996 although it falls under Delaware Jurisdiction.   This renders Trump International Management Corp a foreign corporation according to New York City Process Service guidelines. 

By virtue of being a foreign corporation, the entity has the authority to do business upon submission of an application to the Department of State that would set out [A.] the name of the foreign corporation, [B.]the fictitious name the corporation agrees to use as well as the jurisdiction and date of its incorporation, [C.] the purpose for which it is formed and the county within this state in which its office is to be located, [D.] designation of the secretary of state as its agent upon whom New York City Process Service against it may be served and the post office address in this state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any New York City Process Service against it, [E.] the registered agent and their name and address and [F.] a statement that the foreign corporation has not since its incorporation engaged in any activity in this state in compliance to New York City Process Service guidelines


Trump International Hotels Management LLC should not be confused with Trump International Management Corp, considering that the two are governed by different legal and New York City Process Service requirements. Trump International Hotels Management LLC is a Foreign Limited Liability Company that comes under Delaware jurisdiction, although incorporated in New York on 14th June 2006 and thus eligible for New York City Process Service.   The entity retains a registered agent to deal with New York City Process Service, to whom the Secretary of State is required to forward New York City Process Service upon receipt.


The Trump Corporation registered with the New York Department of State on 30th July 1980. Since the Trump Corporation was thus formed in New York,  the entity qualifies as a domestic business corporation and will have New York City Process Service levied upon it. The United States Department of State is under an obligation to send the documents that it has received to the entity. If it is required, the Department of State may receive New York City Process Service on behalf of the organization.

In accordance with New York law, New York City Process Service on a registered agent may be performed by serving the person or entity by delivering a summons. In this instance, the agent’s involvement in the process essentially presumes that the agent stands in as a defendant and thus satisfies New York City Process Service. While this service usually necessitates two copies of the New York City Process Service being served on the New York Secretary of State or anyone authorized by them, an individual may perform this service if they are serving one copy to the New York Secretary of State or anyone authorized by them. If an entity accepts New York City Process Service on their behalf, the Department of State will send the package to their offices via mail. In any event, the Department of State may undertake a process for this New York City Process Service in the State of New York, identifying designated officials who are ranked highly to receive New York City Process Service.


Donald Trump is well-known in the golfing community, especially considering that he started developing and building golf courses as a real estate developer in 1999. Prior to his election as President of the United States in 2016, Donald Trump controlled a significant number of golf courses around the globe via his holding business, the Trump Organization. Trump-owned courses, like the Trump National Charlotte, have been chosen to host PGA and LPGA tournaments, including the 2022 PGA Championship.

Trump Golf Management  LLC is a domestic limited liability company that filed for incorporation in New York on 28th January 2005 in Westchester County and may thus accept New York City Process Service. Similar to most other Trump Organisation entities, Trump Golf Management  LLC retains the National Registered Agents Inc. as a registered agent in order to address matters of New York City Process Service.


Trump Management Inc. is one of the oldest branches of the Trump Organisation, having filed for incorporation on 22nd April 1969 in New York. The Company’s line of business includes the operation of apartment buildings and it has established itself in the field of real estate, being a prominent player in both the owning and developing of real estate.  

Unlike most entities of the Trump Organisation, Trump Management Inc. does not retain an agent for New York City Process Service. However, service may be mailed from the Department of State to the Chief Executive Officer or any other officer authorized to accept New York City Process Service. 


Generally, New York City Process Service has to be enacted personally upon the New York Secretary of State or an authorized representative at the New York Department of State. New York City Process Service will be sent to the entity by the New York Department of State if the latter accepts on behalf of the company.

Donald Trump’s enterprise Trump Marks LLC is based in Delaware and was registered with the Department of State on November 16th, 2005. Trump Marks LLC has its place of business established in New York, however, and therefore is a foreign limited liability corporation.  National Registered Agents Inc is the registered agent for Trump Marks LLC, and the  Department of State is also responsible to forward received New York City Process Service.

New York City Process Service must be physically delivered to and left with the Secretary of State, acting as the agent of an approved foreign company and a domestic corporation. It is essential to provide duplicate copies of Process Service as well as the required money in order to finish New York City Process Service. Upon receiving the copy of the paperwork through certified mail, the Secretary of State is required to deliver one of these copies by return receipt to the company, which is listed on the New York City Process Service form filed with the Department of State.


On February 23rd, 2010, Trump Carousel LLC was registered as a foreign limited liability company in New York even though it comes within the purview of the state of Delaware for New York City Process Service. National Registered Agents, Inc is the registered agent of this business and accepts Process Service specific to limited liability corporation status. It is imperative to apply for and receive authorization to start a limited liability company in the jurisdiction where the records of the company are maintained, along with a Certificate of Existence from the individual in charge of maintaining the records of limited liability companies in that jurisdiction. International Limited liability companies, often must post a notice in a local newspaper or send an email notifying others about the filing of the application for authorization within a hundred and twenty days after the application is filed.

It must be clear that the company’s registered agent and the registered process service forwarding address are not interchangeable. Although National Registered Agents, Inc is authorized to receive Process Service on behalf of the New York Department of State,  Trump Carousel LLC  maintains a registered office in New York for this New York City Process Service. 

The case against Trump Organisation is still ongoing. The grand jury hearing evidence in the case will have to convene regularly throughout the year 2021. In a court order, the time period may be extended even further. It must be noted that like individuals, corporations may be tried for criminal acts. Under the law, if Mr. Trump’s business is found guilty, the company may face hefty fines or other punishments, although Mr. Trump himself has not been specifically accused or charged.

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  1. The Trump Organization and Weisselberg reportedly planned a compensation system in which Weisselberg and other executives were paid in a way that ‘didn’t appear on the books.’
  2. It is claimed that Weisselberg evaded almost $556,000 in federal taxes, $106,000 in state taxes, and $238,000 in municipal taxes by lying about his residence in New York City.
  3. The Trump Organization is reportedly liable for paying rent, electricity bills, and garage costs between 2005 and June 2021 for Weisselberg’s residence. It went unreported as payment.
  4. The Trump Organisation allegedly paid for Weisselberg’s cars sans reporting
  5. According to reports, the Trump Organization used an organizational record-retention that apparently underreported payments to Weisselberg and other executives. He avoided reporting almost $1.7 million in payments to the tax authorities as a consequence of the underreporting.

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