Intellectual Property in Italy


The main law regarding the intellectual property rights in Italy is the Industrial Property Code that includes the major elements from the European and international legislation. The Italian Code contains regulations related to trade marks, patents, inventions, models, designs etc.

Trade marks

According to this law, a trade mark is a distinctive element of a product or service and its main objective is to identify the company that produces/ sells that product/service. A registered trade mark is protected by the Italian law against any form of usage without the consent of the owner. The registration is made for ten years and can be renewed for the same period whenever the owner wants to.

If you are the owner of a national trade mark, you can extend its usage abroad, in countries that have signed international agreements related to intellectual property rights – Madrid Agreement and Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement. All you have to do is to send a request regarding the protection of intellectual property rights to the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Patents for inventions

The Italian government can grant a patent for a businessman who is allowed to use an invention for a determined period of time and benefit from the advantages that he can get by using it.

Another important intellectual property right is copyright that means that a businessman is allowed to use and distribute a certain intellectual property, such as literary works, architecture, cinema etc. Many countries in Europe and worldwide have signed the Berne Convention for protecting the copyright on their territories.

When you have a problem regarding the intellectual property rights in Italy, you should address to the local Italian Patent and Trade Mark Office that is managed by the local Chamber of Commerce. The intellectual property rights are protected abroad by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

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