Involved in a Pedestrian Accident? What to Do

By: Luis Mier

The National Safety Council estimates that nearly 5,900 pedestrians are killed each year in the United States because of motor vehicle accidents. While that number might seem high, pedestrian accidents are a serious and unnecessary problem. Unfortunately, if you’ve been in a pedestrian accident, it is something you’ll have to deal with sooner rather than later, especially if you were the driver of the car.

While an experienced bail bondsman can help get you out of hot water initially, you’ll need to understand more about how pedestrian accident cases work than your bail bondsman will tell you.

Use this brief guide to help get a handle on what’s going to happen after a pedestrian accident and what you should be doing to protect yourself:

Know Who is At Fault
In most cases, the blame is going to be put on the driver when a pedestrian accident occurs. After all, we’ve all heard that the pedestrian always has the right of way. While that is true in cases where drivers run stop lights or pull into a crosswalk, pedestrians can be at fault in an accident as well. For example, if the driver was simply driving along and a person walks into the street, even the most cautious driver may not be able to avoid an accident.

Don’t Leave the Scene
If you’re involved in a pedestrian accident as a driver the worst thing you can do is to leave the scene. When you do that, it’s basically like telling everyone involved that you are guilty and responsible for the accident – even if you aren’t. Leaving the scene of an accident, even if you were at fault, may also turn a basic case that is simply an accidental occurrence into manslaughter or a hit and run case, with more severe consequences.

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