Maintenance In New York

By: Akanksha A. Panicker

Spousal support often becomes one of the most contested aspects of any divorce or legal separation, regardless of whether the divorce itself is contested or uncontested. The courts often award maintenance to one spouse, terming it ‘alimony’ or ‘spousal support’ and ensuing as a monetary payment from one spouse to another.

Maintenance goes both ways and can be awarded to either spouse. The court has the broad discretion to award any amount of money necessary for their support as long as this decision finds its roots in the facts and circumstances of the parties’ living situation at the time of the granting of the award. This monetary payment can happen over time or in a lump-sum.

Quite a lot of circumstances matter for the grant of spousal support. The length of the marriage, conduct of the parties during the marriage and the assets and debts of the parties all play a part in the grant of an appropriate amount of spousal support.

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