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An Arkansas Supreme Court Order governs the regulation of Arkansas process service in Arkansas. The Order requires the appointment of Arkansas process service by the administrative judge of a judicial district or any judge of a circuit court designated by the administrative judge. Ar. Sup. Ct. Admin. Order 20. The Order also sets out minimum qualifications, see Order 20(b), including: 

(1) be not less than eighteen years old and a citizen of the United States;
(2) have a high school diploma or equivalent;
(3) not have been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or a crime involving dishonesty or false statement, regardless of the punishment; 

(4) hold a valid Arkansas driver’s license; and
(5) demonstrate familiarity with the various documents to be served. Each judicial district may, with the concurrence of all the circuit judges in that district, prescribe additional qualifications. 

Administrative Order Number 20 was adopted in 2007 and amended in December of 2008. This provision seeks to institute some uniformity in the appointment of private Arkansas process service as some courts had more elaborate requirements and procedures than others.3 

Under Arkansas Process Service Rule 4(c) of the Civil Rules of Procedure, service of summons shall be made by a sheriff or his or her deputy, persons appointed pursuant to Administrative Order Number 20, or by any person authorized to Arkansas process service under the law of the place outside the state where service is made.4 

Appended Applicable Provisions: 

Arkansas Supreme Court Order Number 20 – private Arkansas process service appointment, qualifications 

Appended Materials: 

  • Application for Appointment and Authorization to Serve Legal Process
  • Affidavit of Applicant
  • Order of Appointment as Process Server
    Application for Renewal of Appointment and Authorization to Serve Legal Process 

3 Interview with Larry Brady, Court Services Director, Administrative Office of the Courts (Apr. 9, 2009). 4 Arkansas Process Service Rule of Civil Procedure 4(c) provides as follows:
(c) By Whom Served Service of summons shall be made by (1) a sheriff of the county where the service is to be made, or his or her deputy, unless the sheriff is a party to the action; (2) any person appointed pursuant to Administrative Order No. 20 for the purpose of serving summons by either the court in which the action is filed or a court in the county in which service is to be made; (3) any person authorized to serve process under the law of the place outside this state where service is made; or (4) in the event of service by mail or commercial delivery company pursuant to subdivision (d)(8) of this rule, by the plaintiff or an attorney of record for the plaintiff. 

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