Service of Process/Process Service – Personal Service upon a limited Partnership

N.Y. CVP. LAW § 310-a : NY Code – Section 310-A: Service of Process – Personal service upon a limited partnership

(a) Service of Process/Personal service upon any domestic or foreign limited partnership shall be made by delivering a copy personally to any managing or general agent or general partner of the limited partnership in this state, to any other agent or employee of the limited partnership authorized by appointment to receive service or to any other person designated by the limited partnership to receive process, in the manner provided by law for service of summons, as if such person was the defendant. Service of Process/Personal service upon a limited partnership subject to the provisions of article eight-A of the partnership law may also be made pursuant to section 121-109 of such law. (b) If service is impracticable under subdivision (a) of this section, it may be made in such manner as the court, upon motion without notice, directs. (c) A limited liability partnership may also be served pursuant to section 121-1505 of the partnership law.


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