Serving Divorce Papers In New York


By: Akanksha A. Panicker

Service of process for a divorce case differs from traditional service. In a divorce petition [or divorce summons], the exact details of what is being sought and the marriage information are crucial. 

The first step before service is filing the paperwork at the county court to ensure the court has jurisdiction over the case and can thus allow the notification of the initiation of divorce proceedings to the other spouse. Filing the form with the county clerk usually involves a certain fee to be paid to obtain the index number. It is often required to fill out the Index Number Application Form. Consequently, the parties’ particulars will have to be provided (either by representative attorneys or the parties themselves.)

The process for filing divorce needs to be communicated as soon as possible insofar as the other spouse needs to address questions asked and actually have knowledge of what they are being asked. Consequently, service must be done in a reasonable amount of time. The stakes are higher in a divorce case, as the court must be sure that the receiving spouse has been made aware of the divorce case. Mostly, attorneys take care of the same. If not, however, there are ways of ensuring that divorce papers are served.

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