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A Guide to Fighting a Traffic Ticket in New York

By: Matthew J. Weiss

Takeaway:┬áIf you get a traffic ticket in New York, you should fight it. Here’s how.

If you get a New York traffic or speeding ticket, you should fight it. A conviction will result in points being imposed, a fine, a surcharge and possibly a driver assessment fee, auto insurance hikes and even suspension. Here we’ll look at some of the key concerns people have when they get a traffic ticket, and what they should know about fighting it.

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Lawsuits and How they Work

By Lee Ann Obringer

You step in a puddle of spilled cooking oil in a grocery store and break three bones in your hand. You’re a concert pianist. How can you recover your lost income?

Your landlord claims you broke several things in your apartment that you didn’t pay for. You know they were broken when you moved in. The forms you signed when you moved in don’t specifically mention those items. How do you keep from having to replace something you aren’t responsible for? Continue reading