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How much will a divorce cost?

Due to many variables, it is impossible to accurately predict from the outset the financial costs of divorce. Attorney’s fees, of course, constitute the largest (but not the only) component of divorce costs. The two factors having the greatest influence on the amount of legal fees are the complexity of issues to be resolved and the willingness and ability of the parties to reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce, without resorting to contested litigation. Even thorny issues such as the custody of children and the division of substantial property can be expeditiously (and therefore relatively inexpensively) resolved when both of the parties are committed to negotiating in good faith and in the spirit of compromise. On the other hand, the inflexibility of one or both of the parties can cause even a “simple” divorce to cost tens of thousands of dollars. If custody is an issue, the court will often appoint a lawyer (“the attorney for the child”) who will represent the child and a forensic psychiatrist to interview the parents and children (if age appropriate). The fees of the attorney for the child and forensic psychiatrist will be paid by you and/or your spouse. If the value of a business is an issue, the court may appoint a neutral forensic accountant to review the financial records of the business(es).