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Fifth Amendment Right To Counsel – Know Your Rights

By: Undisputed Legal/Court Service Department

Constitutional Requirement

1. No person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against him/herself. (Fifth Amendment, U.S. Constitution)

  1. Right must be asserted to take effect.
  2. Provision prevents the defendant from being called as a witness for the prosecution in a criminal case.
  3. Provision prevents the prosecution or any witness from commenting upon the defendant’s failure to take the stand or to answer questions.
  4. Limited to testimonial evidence (oral or written).

Living Together in The Eyes of The Law

There is nothing illegal about an unmarried couple living together. The couple generally can live wherever they wish. Some local zoning laws prohibit more than three unrelated persons from living together in one house or apartment, but those laws would not apply to a two person household. The government’s attempt to limit a couple’s right to live together would probably be considered a violation of the couple’s right to free association under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

A few states still have laws on the books prohibiting fornication sexual relations between two persons who are not married but such laws are almost never enforced. Some states also have laws against sodomy, which, among other things, prohibit sexual relations between people of the same sex. Those laws are rarely enforced if the conduct is private, consensual, and between adults (although in 1986, the United States Supreme Court in a divided decision did uphold a Georgia law criminalizing private sexual relations between two men). 

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New Laws About (Achoo!) Paid Sick Leave

By: Christina Morales

shutterstock_sick-worker-e1382555325892‘Tis the season! Nope, not just for caroling or gift giving or visiting Santa Claus. It’s that special time of year when we generously exchange germs, pile high used Kleenex like snow drifts upon our desks, and sniffle to the tune of Jingle Bells. We bundle up on the couch to watch timeless Christmas movies and groan like a wildebeest at every little ache and pain. And when this happens to you and your employees (notice I didn’t say “if”?), will you be ready with the new information pertaining to sick leave? Continue reading