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Occasionally couples are faced with dividing a personal injury damage award. If, for example, the husband or wife were involved in an auto accident for which someone else was at fault, the party who was injured might receive (or be entitled to receive in the future) a sum of money for the damages. When the couple divorces, who is entitled to the damage award? 

States take different approaches to the issue. Some states view the award as separate or non marital property. Thus, all of the damage award belongs to the injured party. Courts in those states reason that the injury was suffered by only one spouse, and the damage award was designed to make the injured spouse whole. Therefore, all of the damage award belongs to the injured spouse. 

In some personal injury lawsuits, there are two damage awards: one for the spouse who received the physical injury and another damage award for the spouse of the injured party to compensate that spouse for loss of companionship, or consortium, that resulted from the injury. (Loss of consortium refers to loss of sexual relations and, under some definitions, the term also refers to loss of general companionship.) If a state treated damage awards as separate or non-marital property, each spouse would be entitled to his or her own damage award, but they would not be entitled to any portion of their partner’s award. 

What to Do When You Get Injured at Work

By: Ivan Widjaya

Nobody wants to get injured while on the job, but sometimes accidents happen. Even though you hope to never be injured while at work, it’s still very important to know what to do if the situation ever occurs. No matter if you are injured in a work-related car accident, or if you just suffered a personal injury, it’s important to be prepared. The more prepared you are for the post-injury events, the less stressful the situation may be.

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10 Basic Steps to Filing an Accident Claim

By: Carlos Mesa

Takeaway: The key to submitting an accident claim involves protecting your claim and your legal rights to increase your chances of settling your claim.

An accident is a traumatic event. The immediate jolt to the body and the pains or fear of injury can oftentimes leave you so dazed and stunned that it becomes difficult to remember even the most basic steps to take in the immediate aftermath. So, if you ever find yourself in the midst of such an unfortunate event, it is important that you know exactly what to do to attain information that will allow you to:

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