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Warning Signs for Property Managers Screening New Tenants

By: Matt Faustman

Man Looking Through BinocularsThe process of screening tenants to find those who will pay their rent on time and treat the space you are renting to them with respect is a critical and ongoing part of property management responsibilities. The screening process should begin at your first contact with the prospective tenant because it can take time for some to show their true colors.Savvy residential property owners know to ask all prospective tenants to fill out a rental application that includes the following basic identifying information: Continue reading

How Landlords Work

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By Dave Ross

Landlords¬†sometimes get a bad rap. In the minds of disgruntled tenants, the landlord is the guy who¬†collects money every month, takes two weeks to fix a leaky faucet and hasn’t painted the front of the building since the Ford administration. But the truth is that being a landlord can be hard and often thankless work. Perhaps that’s why so many landlords now call themselves “residential rental owners” to avoid the stigma associated with the ancient profession. Continue reading