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The Unscientific Science of Jury Selection

By: Jane C. HU

In 2012, Jodi Arias was tried for the 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, and her story was everywhere. The grisly details of Alexander’s murder, lurid details about their sex life, and the drama of their break-up were all revealed in the trial, live-streamed online. Lifetime even turned her case into a movie. Arias was convicted on first-degree murder, and, by the end of the year, a jury will determine whether she should be sentenced to execution. Continue reading

The 8 Stages of a Criminal Defense Case

By: T.C. Kelley

Takeaway: Although each case is unique, criminal charges tend to follow a pretty familiar path through the justice system.

Although the details vary, every state and the federal government follows the same basic procedure for processing a criminal case. This article will help you understand the broad outline of how criminal charges move through the criminal justice system. If you are charged with a crime, you should consult a criminal defense lawyer to learn how your case will proceed in the court that hears it.

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Lawsuits and How they Work

By Lee Ann Obringer

You step in a puddle of spilled cooking oil in a grocery store and break three bones in your hand. You’re a concert pianist. How can you recover your lost income?

Your landlord claims you broke several things in your apartment that you didn’t pay for. You know they were broken when you moved in. The forms you signed when you moved in don’t specifically mention those items. How do you keep from having to replace something you aren’t responsible for? Continue reading