Things You Should Not Do After A Car Accident

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Car accidents are an unfortunate aspect of life for drivers, and they can occur unexpectedly. They can potentially be distressing for some people too. Whatever the cause of an accident may be, how you deal with the situation after the accident is very important. There are several things you should not do after a car accident, no matter who is at fault.

Leaving The Scene

Ignore the impulse to flee the scene of the accident. After an accident, most people may feel the impulse to just go home. Leaving the scene of an auto accident is an offense and can bring criminal charges against you. You don’t need to make matter worse for yourself, by adding criminal charges to your current list of problems after a car accident. Regardless of whether the accident is severe or not, it’s important not to leave the scene, and make a police report.

Losing Your Cool

Don’t argue with, or shout at, the other driver. Although being involved in an accident can be a traumatic experience you shouldn’t lose your temper and say things that would not do you any good. With the situation already tense and emotional, stomping around and shouting obscenities isn’t a good idea as it will make things worse for you. Shouting, laying the blame on another driver and yelling will not fix anything and it will not do anyone any good.

Admitting That You Are At Fault

Another important thing to keep in mind is never accept or say that the accident was your fault. Normally, it’s a great custom to start apologizing to someone when you believe it was your fault, but not after an auto accident. Even if you feel your actions caused the accident, do not admit that you are responsible or at fault; leave that decision to the insurance company as they will ultimately conduct an investigation. If you do so, and apologize on the scene, you’re admitting to the accident. By doing so, it could lead to legal penalties and other fines being levied against you if the case goes to court. Just keep it together, be polite and make sure everyone is safe, but protect yourself at the same time.

Failing To Contact Your Insurance Company

It is very important that you notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Many insurance companies specify a time limit within which an accident should be reported to them. It is also extremely important to know whether your auto insurance coverages before being involved in an accident. Your insurance provider will want to get full details of the accident, including the time and the date.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Do not overlook any available medical assistance. Some injuries sustained in a vehicle accident are not apparent immediately. It is advisable to get yourself examined by a physician to make sure there are no internal or other injuries. And the receipts from the medical consultation or treatment will also help greatly in the settlement process.

Talking With Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Do not have a discussion with the other driver’s attorney or insurance company. Odds are that the other drivers will have their attorneys or insurance companies contact you to gather information from you about the accident. It is not a good idea to speak with them. Calm down and tell them to call your attorney or insurance company.

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