Three Ways A Landlord Can Serve Eviction Papers

  • Conspicuous Place Service (often called “Nail and Mail Service”): This kind of service also takes two separate steps and must result in your being served with three copies of the notice of petition and petition. The person serving the notice of petition and petition must come to your apartment at least two times to try to give those papers to you personally or to someone who lives or works at your home. Those two attempts must be at different times of the day, usually once during working hours and once during non- working hours. After those two attempts, the person serving the notice of petition and petition can attach one copy to your door or place it under your door. By the next day, excluding weekends and certain holidays, the two other copies must be mailed to you, one copy by regular mail and one copy by registered or certified mail. Certified mail does not require a return receipt, but you will probably have to sign for it.

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