What is a paralegal and what do they do?

The most common areas in which people use paralegal services are landlord/tenant, collection, foreclosure, investigation, resolution services, and more.

Paralegals are legal agents who can perform many legal services for you and appear as your advocate in certain courts, the Immigration/Refugee Board, before the Provincial Offenses Courts and Small Claims Courts on your behalf.

Going to court is a costly proposition at the best of times. Paralegals can help you reduce litigation costs and problems while saving you money.

A paralegal has experience in the proper presentation of evidence in court and advocacy, negotiation, mediation, and arbitration skills.  They are skilled in legal research and legal writing, which, together with their actual court and tribunal appearances, equip them to assist you with your matter.  They are very conversant with the ever-changing rules, procedures, and court forms in their practice areas.

Independent paralegals require knowledge of legal principles and procedures usually obtained through industry-sponsored courses and experience or completion of a college paralegal program.

You must satisfy yourself that the Paralegal you retain is qualified and has the experience to represent your interests successfully.

There are many other areas where a Paralegal can properly represent you. These include tort and contract law, immigration and refugee law, debtor and creditor rights, employment, and labor law. They can also help you with certain family law matters, such as an uncontested divorce

Paralegal Services:

*paralegal regulations vary by country, state, province 

  • REAL ESTATE: perform full & sub searches on the land registry & title systems, attend real estate closings, foreclosure sales, and more…
  • FAMILY LAW: perform uncontested divorce proceedings, meet with clients, draft a petition for divorce, file with the court, serve the petition, draft & file motions, obtain a divorce certificate, and more…
  • CIVIL LAW: draft and file complex statement of claims & statement of defense, draft and file motions, an examination of discoveries, a notice of garnishments, writs, and more…
  • ESTATE LAW: draft complex last will & testament, choose a proper executor for the estate, draft general & personal power of attorneys, and more…
  • TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS: attend court appearances, draft and file motions notice to appear, prepare for trial in charges relating to careless driving, speeding, and more…
  • COURT APPEARANCES-AGENT: attend as court agent on adjournment motions, receive disclosures, submit decisions, request RJI, filing and retrieving documents, set pre-trial dates, and more… 
  • LANDLORD/TENANT MATTERS: act on behalf of landlord or tenant, draft and file appropriate forms, appear on motions, file documents, and more… 
  • PARDONS/US WAIVERS: draft/file pardons applications for individuals convicted of a criminal offense, meet with clients to expedite request. 
  • TRIBUNALS: draft/file documents relating to workers’ compensation, income security, attend tribunal appearances. 
  • BUSINESS REGISTRATION: register small business registration & incorporating corporations and partnerships.

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