What Is the Tenant Blacklist?

The data, which is transmitted electronically from the OCA’s computer system to the TSBs’ computers, formerly included information about the ini- tial filing of each case (type of case, amount sued for, and index number) and a single- word dispo- sition (e.g., judgment, settled, warrant of eviction issued, dismissed, discontinued, etc.). Tenants sued by a landlord find themselves blacklisted from renting another rental, regardless of why the case was started and regardless of the outcome of the case. Even tenants who have won their case end up on the Tenant Blacklist.

TSB reports are often inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading — or all three. For example, if a ten- ant is awarded a 90% rent abatement because of deplorable conditions in the home, a TSB will report the disposition of that case simply as a “judgment” against the tenant for the remaining 10% of the rent. That makes it appear as though the landlord won the case when, in fact, the tenant won the case.

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