Appointments can only be made Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm, the whole process should take 5-10 mins. Once you arrive the receptionist will provide a form for your completion, it will require the following: 1) Your contact information; 2) the name and address of the party you would like served and a brief description of the person if known; and your signature. Once completed the receptionist will provide a receipt.

Please be advised the receptionist is only there to process your documents, for questions pertaining to your services please contact a manager at (800) 774-6922.

On your appointment please provide the following:

  1. The documents for service
  2. A picture of the party to be served (optional)
  3. Payment in form of a money order payable to Undisputed Legal Inc. (we do not accept cash)
  4. Credit or debit card payments can be made online only

Once you have completed your requested for an appointment a manager will call to confirm your appointment.