This article will provide guidance on how to serve legal papers on Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation. American management and IT consulting business Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation (informally known as Booz Allen) is the parent company of Booz Allen Hamilton, American management and IT consulting firm with eighty offices throughout the world. Consulting, analytical, and engineering services are the foundation of the company’s activity. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions About Process Servers!

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Booz Allen bought the software development section of the Charleston, S.C. technology business SPARC, whereinafter eGov Holdings was bought by Booz Allen in 2017.  Soon, the SEC granted both Booz Allen and Attain a two-and-a-half billion-dollar contract to revamp how the SEC acquires IT services.  In February 2020, the business became the SEC’s principal supplier of cybersecurity services by earning a 10-year deal for over a hundred million dollars. The corporation was later granted four billion dollars in U.S. Federal responsibilities in the fiscal year 2020. Click here for information on How To Identify A Good Process Service Agency


After graduating from Northwestern University in 1914, Edwin G. Booz established the Business Research Service. This was the beginning of the organization that would become Booz Allen. Companies would benefit from having access to an outside expert who could provide objective counsel, according to Booz’s view.   Some of Booz’s customers were Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Chicago’s Union Stockyards, and the Canadian Pacific Railway. The service attracted a variety of clients. Click here for information on How Rush Process Service Can Expedite Your Case

Booz, Fry, Allen & Hamilton was the company’s moniker for the next thirty years when it underwent many name changes and business strategies until settling on its current name. In 1942, the company’s name was again changed to Booz Allen Hamilton before Fry left. Click here for information on How Service of Process Ensures A Solid Foundation.


After World War II, the company’s clientele changed, with a large number of contracts coming from government agencies and various sections of the military.  In 1951, Edwin G. Booz passed away. Two years later, in 1953, the business was awarded its first international contract to assist the Philippines government to rearrange its land-ownership records. Click here for information on How Process Servers Protect Your Rights: Myths Debunked

In 1962, the partnership was dissolved, and the business was incorporated as a private limited liability company. In 1998, Booz Allen Hamilton devised a plan for the Internal Revenue Service to reorganize its 100,000 personnel into sections devoted to certain types of taxpayers.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has then agreed to acquire Booz & Company in a conditional merger, subject to regulatory clearance and the Booz partners’ vote in December 2013. On December 23rd, 2013, the Booz partners voted in favor of the acquisition, and it was finalized in early April of 2014. On April 4, 2014, Booz & Company announced its purchase by Strategy&, changing its name from Booz & Company to Strategy&. The name, pronounced ‘Strategy and’, is highly criticized but was required by an agreement with previous parent Booz Allen Hamilton that the Booz name or variations may never be used in combination with a new legal organization


Booz Allen Cyber Solutions, LLC is a foreign limited liability company for the purposes of Virginia Process Service. The entity is currently active in Virginia, however, having qualified for business in Virginia on 9th April 2014. However, the entity was originally created in Delaware although it still complies with Virginia Process Service. 

Currently, Booz Allen Cyber Solutions, LLC is available for Virginia Process Service in the Henrico County area of Virginia. It retains its principal office in Mclean, Virginia although its registered agent, CT Corporation System, is authorized to transact business from its location in Glen Allen. As one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity solution providers, Booz Allen has guarded against some very sophisticated and persistent cyber-attacks. For more than four decades the professional cybersecurity teams have operated at the digital frontlines.

Its customers include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations, important services, and critical infrastructure, and practically every government, military, and intelligence organization. This deep knowledge is achieved via real-time cyber operations, leading-edge technology advancements, crucial large-scale event responses, and sophisticated cyber threat intelligence.  For a foreign LLC in Virginia, a  proposed business entity name does not need to include an entity designation (such as ‘Inc.’ or ‘LLC’) in order for it to be reserved. The proposed business entity name for which a reservation is requested must be distinguishable upon the records of the Commission.  A reserved business entity name may be used by its owner in connection with [A.]  the formation of an amendment to change the name of a  domestic stock or nonstock corporation,  limited liability company,  business trust or limited partnership,  [B.] an application for a certificate of authority or registration to transact business in the Commonwealth as a foreign stock or nonstock corporation, limited liability company, business trust or limited partnership, or [C.] an amended application for such authority or registration.

Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services, LLC was formed on December 12th 2002, fulfilling its subsidiary status in Virginia in accordance with Virginia Process Service. The U.S. Air Force has previously selected Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services, LLC, in its capacity as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Booz Allen Hamilton, to provide complex technical support to the 96th Test Wing (96th TW) at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Under the terms of the USD53 million contract, Booz Allen would provide the 96th TW with Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities, as well as other technical, engineering, and research management support.  

However, the entity is a foreign limited liability company originally formed in the state of Delaware. It retains its principal office in Annapolis, Virginia, and retains CT Corporation System as its registered agent. However, unlike other Booz Allen subsidiaries with CT Corporation System as the registered agent, the Registered Agent status of Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services, LLC is Individual in nature. The qualification of the registered agent for Virginia Process Service of Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services, LLC is laid out as a member of the Virginia State Bar. 

The company must have a registered agent in Virginia as per Virginia Process Service. The registered agent’s sole duty is to accept legal documents and notices on behalf of the company. However, the limited liability company cannot serve as its own registered agent in order to comply with Virginia Process Service. The registered office location must be identical to the registered agent’s business office, which means that the office can only use a rural route and box number if the registered office’s location has no street address.  Additionally, the office can only use a post office box if [A.] there is no street address or rural route and box number, or [B.] the town/city has a population of two thousand people or less.  It is necessary to provide the name of the county or independent city where the registered office is physically located

Booz Allen Hamilton was qualified to do business in the state of Virginia on 15th November 1973, having been granted a perpetual license to do business in the state. However, the entity comes under Delaware jurisdiction since it was formed in that state.

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc had to pay a USD 1500 charter fee to initially conduct business in its location in Henrico County. The entity is currently active and in good standing in its capacity as a stock corporation in Virginia as per Virginia Process Service. It is necessary for a stock corporation to take the number of shares the corporation can issue. If there is more than one class or series of shares, it is necessary to state [A.] the number of authorized shares, [B.] a distinguishing designation, and [C.] the preferences, rights, and limitation

The entity retains CT Corporation System as its registered agent for Virginia Process Service from its location in Glen Allen. However, Virginia Process Service may also be served via the principal office of the entity or upon higher officers like the Treasurer or Secretary of Booz Allen Hamilton as authorized to accept Virginia Process Service.

Booz Allen Hamilton International, Inc. is a stock corporation currently active in Virginia. The entity was registered in Virginia on 12th December 2000 having qualified for Virginia Process Service. However, Booz Allen Hamilton International, Inc was required to pay the charter fee of USD 200 in order to be qualified to do business in Virginia.  The entity retains CT Corporation System as the registered agent for Virginia Process Service from Henrico County. However, process service may also be levied upon the Treasurer or Secretary of the company.

On August 25th, 2013, Booz Allen Transportation Inc was formed in Virginia as a Stock Corporation. In addition to the registered agent CT Corporation System, process service may be performed on the President and other authorized officials.

Each kind of company has its own set of incorporation regulations in Virginia, and both stock and nonstock types are legal entities. Non-profit organizations in Virginia are more likely to incorporate non-stock companies than for-profit businesses. 

Stock corporations are companies that provide stock to the general public. Shareholders hold on to their stock in the hope of getting dividends or selling it for a profit. If a non-stock firm has members, they may behave like shareholders, but they don’t really own any of the company; instead, they have a membership interest in the company. Members of a club, rescue squad, or religious organization have a shared bond.

A Delaware-founded corporation, Booz Allen Hamilton Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC, maintains an address in Virginia while being formed in Delaware. Due to the fact that the company is based in Delaware, it is deemed a foreign LLC. The company was incorporated on June 19th, 2008. This is the place where Virginia Process Service resident agent, Corporation Trust Company is located.

Online submission of foreign business entity registrations is possible. However, the conditions for filing an application to do business in Virginia are varied for various foreign corporations. Using the LLC-1052 form is required for overseas limited liability firms. With this Commission-prescribed application,  a certified or otherwise authenticated copy of the LLC’s articles of organization and all amendments and corrections thereto, authenticated within the past twelve months by the Secretary of State or another public official with custody of company records in its jurisdiction of formation must be submitted. Certification must indicate that each document is a ‘true and correct copy of the official records or words to that effect. The filing fee of the same is a hundred dollars. 

On July 11, 2011, the organization Anonymous, as part of its Operation AntiSec, hacked into Booz Allen servers, collecting e-mails and non-salted passwords from the U.S. military. This information and a comprehensive dump of the database were contained in a file uploaded on The Pirate Bay. Despite Anonymous’ claims that close to a million emails were revealed, the Associated Press found around sixty-five thousand distinct emails, of which a little over fifty thousand were military addresses. In addition to this, there were also talks from educational institutions and military firms. Anonymous also alleged that it obtained four gigabytes of Booz Allen source code and erased those four gigabytes

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1. Address: 8283 GREENSBORO DR, MCLEAN, VA, 22102 – 0000, USA


Registered Office Address:

4701 Cox Rd Ste 285, Glen Allen, VA, 23060 – 6808, USA

3. See §§ 13.1-631, 13.1-830, 13.1-1013, 13.1-1215, or 50-73.3 of the Code of Virginia. 

Check the availability of a proposed business entity name:

 Clerk’s Office at (804) 371-9733 or toll-free in Virginia, 1-866-722-255

4. Provided that the proposed name complies with the provisions of § 13.1-630, § 13.1-762, § 13.1-829, § 13.1-924, § 13.1-1012, § 13.1-1054, § 13.1-1214, § 13.1-1244, § 50-73.2 or § 50-73.56

5. The 96th Test Wing is the test and evaluation center for Air Force delivered weapons; navigation and guidance systems; Command and Control Systems, and Air Force Special Operations Command systems. The wing provides expert evaluation and validation of the performance of systems throughout the design, development, acquisition, and sustainment process to ensure the warfighter has technologically superior, reliable, maintainable, sustainable, and safe systems.

6. Address: 2551 RIVA ROAD, ANNAPOLIS, MD, 21401 – 0000, USA

Address: 2551 RIVA ROAD, ANNAPOLIS, MD, 21401 – 0000, USA

7. RA Qualification:

Member of the Virginia State Bar


Registered Office Address: 4701 COX ROAD, SUITE 285, GLEN ALLEN, VA, 23060 – 0000, USA



9. Treasurer LLOYD W HOWELL, JR: 8283 GREENSBORO DR, MCLEAN, VA, 22102 – 0000, USA

Secretary JACOB Daniel BERNSTEIN: 8283 GREENSBORO DR, MCLEAN, VA, 22102 – 0000, USA

10. Treasurer Laura S. Adams: 8283 Greensboro Drive, Mclean, VA, 22102, USA

Secretary Jacob D. Bernstein: 8283 Greensboro Drive, Mclean, VA, 22102, USA



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