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NY CPLR § 8001 Persons subpoenaed; examination before trial; transcripts of records.  (a)  Persons  subpoenaed.  Any  person  whose  attendance   is compelled by a subpoena, whether or not actual testimony is taken, shall receive  for  each  day’s attendance fifteen dollars for attendance fees and twenty-three cents as travel expenses for each mile to the place  of attendance  from the place where he or she was served, and return. There shall be no mileage fee for travel wholly within a city.    

(b)Persons subpoenaed upon an examination before trial. If a  witness who  is  not  a party, or agent or employee of a party, is subpoenaed to give testimony,  or  produce  books,  papers  and  other  things  at  an examination  before  trial, he shall receive an additional three dollars for each day’s attendance.    

(c)Transcripts of records. Wherever the preparation of  a  transcript of  records  is  required in order to comply with a subpoena, the person subpoenaed shall receive an additional fee of ten cents per  folio upon demand.

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