This article will provide guidance on How Skip Tracing Works. Skip tracing is the way to reclaim a debt, deliver legal papers, locate a missing person, or any other reasons to deliver legal p. Effectively, process servers try to locate a person who has ‘skipped’ out on their obligations. The ‘skip tracing’ process is used to identify people who may have purposefully hidden their locations or are otherwise difficult to find.  If you found this article helpful, kindly consider leaving us a review.

How Skip Tracing Works

Private process service agencies like Undisputed Legal have the resources and know-how to locate persons utilizing a wide range of investigational strategies and databases. This is especially important since, when doing a skip trace, it is imperative that all applicable privacy laws and regulations be followed. Agencies like Undisputed Legal that specialize in skip tracing know the rules and regulations and will adhere to them at all times, which minimizes legal liability as well as increases the chances of finding the elusive individual.


Search engines and internet databases are common tools used by skip tracers to learn more about a target person. This category includes public documents, telephone directories, and other similar resources.  Our Undisputed Legal skip tracers may get access to a person’s financial information, including their current and previous homes, places of employment, and credit history, by requesting a copy of their credit report. 

Criminal and judicial records, land and property records, and other public databases that may include information on a person’s whereabouts or activities are all examples of what are known as ‘public records. There may be clues about a person’s whereabouts in the form of their vehicle’s registration and insurance records.

Who can find information about evasive defendants

The United States Postal Service (USPS) keeps records on address changes, which may be searched under certain circumstances (thus the name ‘Change of Address Searches’). Medical, legal, and real estate professionals may find up-to-date contact information at their licensing boards. If the person has a chequered past, it could be wise to inquire with the local police department about recent incarcerations.

Checking with local business licensing authorities might reveal the owner’s most recent address if they are business owners. Surveillance may be employed to monitor their whereabouts if the person’s general position is known but not their exact address. Searching for properties owned or linked to the subject might provide useful clues as to their whereabouts.

 Skip tracers may use confidential sources to help them find a person, particularly in more difficult circumstances. It’s worth stressing that at Undisputed Legal, we understand that skip tracers are responsible for acting ethically and within the law at all times. Many procedures are off-limits, particularly when dealing with sensitive information, unless special authorization is granted. Privacy policies and legislation are subject to regional and national variations.

Different means of Skip tracing

Skip tracing has been used successfully for many years to locate elusive people. It is used in many fields, including advertising, real estate, debt collection, and bail bonds. The data gathered may be used in a number of different ways to initiate communication.

It is necessary for a process server to familiarise themselves with the relevant statutes before beginning the skip tracing efforts. Different states have different requirements. Looking at New York, skip tracing that makes use of public records and abides by the various privacy and consumer protection regulations is accepted. On the other hand, New York has very strict regulations in each area. This implies one will need to make use of reliable skip-tracing tools that make full use of public data within the bounds of state law. At Undisputed Legal, we ensure that we have a deep understanding of the relevant state and countrywide legal requirements. We especially understand how difficult is to be kept out of the loop in these situations, and ensure that you are provided real-time updates, 

It is against the law in New York to conduct a skip trace using personal information or to trespass on private property physically. However, no legislation prohibits utilizing freely accessible resources to discover a person’s contact details. 

New York Statutes Regarding Skip Tracing

New York State’s extensive privacy protection and fair debt collection regulations may affect skip tracing in particular sectors. At Undisputed Legal, we ensure that we go by the book regarding debt collection, consumer protection, and privacy per state law. The only other requirement is that skip tracing be carried out by a certified expert. A licensed attorney or private process service agency like Undisputed Legal in the relevant jurisdiction can significantly boost your skip-tracing needs.

New York’s consumer and borrower protection laws certain tracking actions, specifically co. For instance, a person generating real estate leads might not encounter the same legal barriers to debt collection as a company would. Before launching an outreach effort, be sure you understand the relevant state and federal telecommunications legislation and how they will affect your company.

Arguments for and Against Skip Tracing

Like any other research method, there are benefits and drawbacks to using skip tracing. While some of the process’s drawbacks may be avoided with careful selection of tracing providers, others are inherent to the method.

When a person’s whereabouts are unclear, skip tracing is an extremely useful tool. One possible explanation is that these people have ‘skipped town’ to avoid being served legal documents or having debts collected from them. They could also have been forcibly evicted from their last known address. The risk of legal action for violations of privacy or consumer protection rules during skip-tracing activities thus becomes a significant question. Direct contact with a trace resultant may be met with a very frosty welcome, making it ineffective for several forms of sales and marketing. It might be time-consuming and expensive to do one’s own traces.

If a client uses untrustworthy skip tracers, they are unlikely to have excellent results. At Undisputed Legal, we make sure to be responsible to our clients. New York City is home to our business; we’ve helped several clients find elusive people within a day. Because of the abundance of personal data on file, it is now difficult to maintain complete anonymity online. As trained skip tracers, we need to get access and confirm this data.

How to Perform a Skip Trace

Undisputed Legal uses skip tracing as part of our services to assist in locating evasive people.  An essential first step in skip tracing is verifying the client’s information on the debtor. Name, address, phone number, place of work, and contact information for any references listed on the credit application are all included. In order to locate the debtor, the skip tracer will first learn as much as they can about them.  If the data collection process yields no leads, the skip tracer will try to get in touch with the debtor’s friends and family. Everyone counts, from neighbors to friends to family to colleagues to landlords.

The quantity of tools accessible to skip tracers has increased dramatically during the previous decade. Before broad Internet and social media use, a skip tracer’s task was considerably more difficult. They had to make a trip, meet a debtor’s friend, make several phone calls, and sift through library records for hours. This allows skip tracers often to locate a debtor in a short amount of time. However, this is very dependent on the amount of data that is now accessible. It might take as little as four hours or ten days. But to simplify things for our customers at Undisputed Legal, we depend on the data they provide to kick off the search. Then, we check a wide variety of databases (including proprietary ones) to pinpoint exactly where the ‘skip’ is hiding out right now. After we have enough data regarding their most recent movements, we can locate them and confirm their main home. Once we have confirmed their whereabouts, we will provide you with the details. 

Our New York skip tracers are experts in finding folks who don’t want to be traced or have just relocated without giving advance notice. Both private and publicly accessible national databases are at our disposal. We also double-check addresses at the USPS and Department of Motor Vehicles. Skip-tracing services supplement the information available via these more traditional means by searching public records, social media, and other online databases.

What’s the Big Deal About Skip Checking?

All claims and lawsuits must comply with the law’s mandate for the appropriate delivery of the process. If service was not made or made improperly, the defendant may move to have the matter dismissed. The relevance of skip tracing lies in the fact that service can only be made if the responder or defendant is found.

The service has broad potential applications. Like those at Undisputed Legal, New York’s licensed process servers may also assist with skip tracing. It is sensible to engage skip tracers who are also familiar with the service of process since these two tasks are frequently intertwined.

We aim to ensure that you can locate anybody in New York or other jurisdictions with the assistance of Undisputed Legal. We have access to the appropriate databases and can effectuate lawful service of process if you need our skip tracing services.

Being well-organized has been crucial to our accomplishments. Thanks to careful record-keeping and attention to detail, the skip tracing process is simplified to ensure that every step is accomplished swiftly and precisely. Everything from data collecting to lead monitoring is done methodically, so nothing is missed.

Undisputed Legal’s skip tracers are also adept negotiators. We’re comfortable in high-stakes situations and communicating with a wide range of people, including witnesses, sources, and informants. Our ability to strike the right note between firmness and politeness has allowed us to get insight that has pushed the inquiry forward.

Customer care

Our Undisputed Legal team involves analytical skills and problem-solving expertise to sift through mountains of data in search of insights. We use cutting-edge technology and methods to analyze relevant data and steer the skip-tracing process in the right direction. We pursue leads relentlessly, refusing to be deterred by dead ends. With unflinching determination and focus, even the most challenging problems are investigated thoroughly. 

The communication skills of the skip tracers at Undisputed Legal are second to none. We talk to customers, keep them apprised of developments, and provide guidance and suggestions. Our staff works closely together, fostering an atmosphere of mutual support and information exchange.

Undisputed Legal is the company to call if you need trustworthy skip-tracing services to supplement your judicial processes or investigations. Because of our extensive experience as New York skip tracers, our customers may be certain that their skip tracing and process service requirements will be met successfully. Undisputed Legal’s skip tracers are motivated in their pursuit of individuals while operating within the bounds of applicable skip tracing, process of service, and debt collection regulations. We aim to avoid negative feedback like wrong service or too forceful collection with the use of our New York City skip tracing service.

It is important to note that if you need to track down a person, enlisting the help of inexperienced or dubious private detectives can be less than helpful. Many of these ‘experts’ lack access to databases essential to conducting a thorough investigation. We are an experienced agency operating out of New York City; we can help you find the person you’re looking for swiftly and effectively.

When conducting a skip trace in New York, the skip tracers at Undisputed Legal make full use of all easily available resources and methods. We check out people’s accounts on various social media platforms and their profiles on their respective companies’ websites, electronic calling cards, and public data kept by the City Register’s Office.


Undisputed Legal Inc. employs the most professional skip tracers. It is our mission to provide you with the BEST SERVICE, at the BEST PRICE, with the BEST RESULTS!

Our skip trace abilities are mastered with the high-tech programs that we have purchased in addition to a direct connection with the New York State Division of Motor Vehicles. Our experienced skip trace professionals include former law enforcement agents with a 90% success rate in locating anyone, anywhere.


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