This article will provide guidance on How The Central Authority Works in Belarus.  Serving legal papers between nations that are party to this convention is streamlined and standardized through the Hague Service Convention. Like all other signatory states to the Hague Service Convention, Belarus has established a single body to handle all demands for service of process. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus is the competent body for the Hague Service Convention in Belarus. If you found this article helpful, kindly consider leaving us a review. Click here for How the Hague Convention Simplifies International Process Service.

In Belarus, the particular rules and processes for serving papers might differ depending on the kind of documents being served, the nature of the case, and other variables. To make sure that the Hague Service Convention and any other criteria imposed by local laws and regulations are met, Undisputed Legal maintains specific contacts with legal specialists and authorities in both the country of origin and Belarus. Click Here for information on the Code of Civil Procedure in Belarus!

Working closely with a private process service agency like Undisputed Legal, which is skilled in international legal affairs, is recommended when commencing the service of papers in Belarus or from Belarus to another member country under the Hague Service Convention. Belarus has acceded to the Convention in line with Article 38. However, this does not apply to its relations with any Contracting States that have not accepted the accession—consequently, the service of papers internationally. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions About Process Servers!

Authorities in Belarus

The executive authority of the Republic of Belarus is vested in the Council of Ministers, a collegiate central government agency that, by the Constitution, manages a system of central government agencies responsible to the Council of Ministers and other state organizations, as well as municipal executive authorities. Click here for information on How To Identify A Good Process Service Agency

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, the Supreme Court of the city of Minsk, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus’s Judicial Board for Civil Cases, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus’s Praesidium, and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus’s Plenum serve as Supervisory Courts, which review the legality and justification of court decrees of lower courts that became binding on objections from authorized officers. Click here for information on How Service of Process Ensures A Solid Foundation.

Any civil matter heard in a district (city) court within the boundary of the relevant area, the city of Minsk, may be transferred to a regional, Minsk-based court and accepted for production as a Trial Court. According to claims to the refusal in registration of local public associations of citizens, on refusal in registration groups on holding a regional referendum, etc., regional Minsk city courts consider cases on the first instance which are jurisdictional it is of initiative g owing to acts of the legislation. Click here for information on How Process Servers Protect Your Rights: Myths Debunked

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus has the authority to transfer any pending civil matter from any lower court in the country to itself for trial. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus also considers cases on the first instance that are jurisdictional to it according to acts of legislation. To understand jurisdiction in Belarus, our Undisputed Legal local process servers are highly attuned to the requirements of the various courts. Our servers are aware of both regional and international laws. At Undisputed Legal, we try to be on good terms with the authorities to ensure your papers are handled.

Central Authority

 To receive and process requests for the service of papers from other member nations, the requests must be sent to the Ministry of Justice of Belarus, which works as its central authority. Document service requests destined for Belarus must first be filed to the appropriate central authority in the nation of origin, who will then transfer the request to the appropriate central authority in Belarus.

 Any paperwork to be served in Belarus must be written in Belarusian or translated into Russian.  The central authority will ensure that papers are served in conformity with the ways Belarus and other member nations stipulate. The central authority in Belarus will give a certificate or other evidence of service once service has been completed, which may be used to verify that the law served the papers. 

Apostilles issued in the territory of the Republic of Belarus must be affixed to written documents. Official documents do not permit errors, additions, crossed-out words, and other incorrectly performed changes or quirks. It is essential to be able to read the official’s signature and the imprint of the seal.  Individuals seeking notarial acts must provide evidence of their identification, corporate capacity, and authority to act on behalf of third parties before a notary public. At Undisputed Legal, we ensure that your papers comply with Belarusian requirements.

Only personal attendance and production of information or documents, including evidence of payment of the Consular fee, is required for notarization. Any document that has been altered in any way (including erasures, additions, crossed-out words, or any other peculiarities), was prepared in violation of clerical correspondence rules, or contains remarks that discredit honor, dignity, business, or personal reputation will be rejected as not meeting the legal requirements of the Republic of Belarus.

process service in Belarus

If no alternative venue is specified, the complaint must be filed in the defendant’s usual place of abode. If the defendant is a corporation or other legal body, the petition must be filed at the registered office or other principal place of business. The location of the defendant’s property or the last known place of his residence in the Republic of Belarus might be used to establish jurisdiction over a defendant whose residence is unknown or who does not take residence there.

Claims arising from branch operations may be proven at the main office and branch.  For cases involving many defendants who are dispersed geographically, evidence must be presented in the court of jurisdiction for any one of the defendants. The claimant is free to choose the court of his or her choice from among those with jurisdiction over the matter The claimant may also prove cognizance in any of the other circumstances.

Regardless of whether the court has jurisdiction over the initial case, the counterclaim must be filed in the court that will hear the original lawsuit. If a criminal case does not result in a declaration or resolution, the following civil action will be displayed by civil legal procedures by the norms of cognizance. When a court accepts a case for production under the norms of cognizance, other courts are effectively granted authority over it. It is thus essential to understand the hierarchy of courts and the jurisdiction afforded. Undisputed legal process servers understand local process service laws, which is especially important since the law of the receiving state determines how service should be conducted.

A private complaint or protest may be filed against a court’s decision to transfer a matter to another court. The receiving court is required to accept the case without conditions and order the necessary documents to be produced by the process set out in this Article. Competing claims of judicial jurisdiction are prohibited. Cases may be transferred between lower courts within the same area, within the Minsk City Court, or to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus.

It is possible to transfer a case from the court to which it originally was filed to another court for a more thorough and accurate hearing of the case and for the better delivery of the educational function of legal procedures. However, understanding the reasons for transfer and when the options are available becomes an important part of the legal process. 

Documents in Belarus

Documents intended for use in the United States may be notarized at the U.S. Embassy at no cost to U.S. citizens or foreign nationals. Signing the paperwork before visiting the Embassy is not permitted. A Consular official must witness the signature on this document. However, at Undisputed Legal, we ensure your papers comply with these requirements.

Documents are signed by hand. Our notary services require appointments, and we welcome clients of all nationalities. There are rare instances when a document intended for use outside the United States has to be notarized. It is not necessary to schedule separate appointments to get each document notarized. Each notary seal will cost you $50 USD at the Embassy or Consulate on the appointment day.

 It is necessary to bring along a photo ID issued by the government, such as a passport or driver’s license. The identification name and document names must match exactly. The cost of a notary seal is $50 USD. Concerning the requirements of the receiving nation for the execution of foreign papers, declarations, and the like, except as explicitly provided for in Belarusian administrative process law or international treaties, documents issued by the competent authority of a foreign state need the legislation or apostille to be recognized in Belarus. A notarized translation into Belarusian or Russian of any documents created in a foreign language is required.

Belarus Power of Attorney

The government of Belarus has established several limitations on the use of powers of attorney. To begin, a power of attorney granted outside of Belarus is no longer valid for obtaining a copy of a marriage certificate, birth certificate, or education document on behalf of a citizen of Belarus. The next change is that a power of attorney is now necessary (where it was not before) for representatives of Belarusian nationals wanting to apostille or legalize an official document issued in Belarus.  

It should be noted that the services formerly provided by Belarusian consular posts have been terminated. This includes the certification of powers of attorney (except powers of attorney from workers of such consular posts and their families) and the issuance, exchange, and renewal of passports and identity papers. The ability of consular offices to issue visas is unaffected by the changes. However, to keep up with these fast-moving legal requirements in Belarus, it is preferable to involve the services of a private process service agency like Undisputed Legal. We make an effort to care for your papers and aim to provide you security even in international document services.


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1. Any Member State ratifying, accepting, or approving the Convention following accession will also be required to make such a declaration.”

2. Praesidiums of regional and Minsk city courts, with the help of the majority of members of the praesidium of court; the Supreme Court’s judicial board on civil cases, composed of three judges, one of whom presides over the case; the Supreme Court’s Praesidium, with the help of the majority of members of the Praesidium; the Plenum of the Supreme Court.

3. According to claims to the refusal in the registration of republican and international public associations of citizens, 

  1. according to statements for the termination of activities of such associations, 
  2. according to claims to refusal in the registration of initiative group on holding a republican referendum,
  3. according to claims to refusal in the registration of political parties, according to statements for the termination of activities of political parties, 
  4. according to claims to decisions of the President of the Republic of Belarus concerning nationality, 
  5. according to claims of refusal of the Central Commission of the Republic of Belarus at elections and holding republican referenda to the registration of candidates for president of the Republic of Belarus, 
  6. cases on the disputes following from the application of the legislation governing the property and personal non-property relations arising in connection with the creation legal protection and use of intellectual property items, etc

4. Claims to the ownership of land, buildings, rooms, structures, and other items firmly tied to the ground and claims to the unencumbered use of property are represented by the physical position of such objects or assets.

  1. If a creditor of the testator files a claim before the heirs accept the bequest, the court with jurisdiction over the property at issue will handle the case.
  2. The location of the carrier to whom the complaint was made or shall be made per the established process is indicated in the claim to the carrier after the cargo, persons, or luggage transportation agreement.

5. After the term on appeal or protest of this resolution, or after the private claim or protest has been submitted to the superior court and dismissed without satisfaction, the matter is sent to the lower court.

6. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus Chairman or his deputies may recommend cases from regional or municipal courts in Minsk to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus on the grounds listed above.


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