The news and commentary provider Newsmax was established by  Christopher Ruddy on September 16, 1998, and is owned by Newsmax Media. The magazine and website that Mr. Ruddy founded more than a decade ago have been called the right-wing populist’s Time or Newsweek by the New York Times. With a paid circulation of a quarter-million users, the magazine reports having reached more homes than The Weekly Standard or National Review. During the 2020 election, Newsmax came to the forefront as a reporting site; both via its cable TV channel and through the digital outlet of its Instagram posts,  the latter of which has been dominating virality numbers during this period.


William Casey was one of the investors of, and the website was launched on September 16, 1998, with the help of many investors, including the Casey family. Later, Richard Mellon Scaife, the Pittsburgh Tribune-previous Review’s employer, helped to finance the startup.

The website area engineered by Newsmax has four subsections: [A.] Newsmax News, [B.] Newsmax Health, [C.] Newsmax Finance, and [D.] Newsmax World. As well as the cable news station Newsmax TV, Newsmax Media produces a print magazine named Newsmax.

In June of 2014, Newsmax created a cable TV station, accessible to satellite subscribers and Dish Network customers.  The network is available to over 75 million cable subscribers and has widespread availability through both digital media players and mobile devices. The primary purpose of this channel is to broadcast live from the Newsmax offices in New York City on the East Side of Manhattan, along with the two other locations in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Sugar Land, Texas.

The New York Times has labeled the website as prominent in conservative American circles. 

subsidiaries of NEWSMAX

how to serve legal papes on NEWSMAX MEDIA, INC

Newsmax Media, Inc is the publishing control for Newsmax, established on July 18, 2008.  Furthermore, since it is a foreign limited liability corporation with authorization from the state Process service providers, New York City Process service guidelines will not apply. The Secretary of State still charges the Process Service fee for Process Service, but the registered agent will be responsible for receipt of Process Service for this business. For Newsmax Media, the registered agent for service is Cogency Global Inc.  The Secretary of State will have to send one copy of such Process Service to the entity by certified mail, with return receipt requested, to the address listed in the Department of State’s records

Process Service against any private corporation, domestic or foreign, may be served on the president or vice president, or other head of the corporation. If the foreign corporation has no officers or agents in the state, Process Service will then be furnished upon any agent transacting business for it or any agent designated by the corporation itself. However, if Process Service also cannot be made on a registered agent because of failure to comply with process service regulations, service of process is also permitted on any employee at the corporation’s principal place of business or on any employee of the registered agent. 

The server may serve the process on any employee of the registered agent during the first attempt at Process Service even if the registered agent is noted to be temporarily absent from their office. If the address for the registered agent, officer, director, or principal place of business is a residence, service on the corporation may be made by serving the registered agent

how to serve legal papers on NEWSMAX BROADCASTING, LLC

Newsmax Broadcasting, LLC  is regulated by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and is incorporated in the state of Florida. The entity filed for incorporation with the Department of State on 30th August 2012. Newsmax Broadcasting, LLC is located in Boca Raton, FL, United States, and is part of the Radio Broadcasting & Programming Industry. Like most Newsmax entities, Newsmax Broadcasting, LLC retains Cogency Global Inc as its registered agent, with the Department of State mailing process forward. Newsmax Broadcasting, LLC retains a phone number for easier contact.

The Division of Corporations accepts Substituted Service of Process under Chapter 48 of the Florida Statutes. It is necessary to notify the plaintiff’s attorney of any accepted Process Service, including the time and date of acceptance. It is required to serve the registered agent with the notice of the filing. This notice includes; [A.] two acceptance letters, [B.] the original ‘filed’ stamped summons., [C.] a copy of the complaint. The plaintiff’s attorney is responsible for notifying the defendant entity of an accepted Substitute Process Service.

Filing Requirements for the service would be the original and a copy of the court-issued summons, which mandatorily should include both the original signature of the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the Seal as well as the name of the defendant, addressed to the care of the Secretary of State. Two copies of the complaint as well as a cover letter indicating the specific section of Chapter 48, F.S., that authorizes the Division of Corporations to accept the Process Service through the Secretary of State must also be furnished. If the defendant is an active business entity on the Department’s records, it is required to include a copy of the returned service or an affidavit from the process server as proof of attempted service.

how to serve legal papers on NEWSMAX MEDIA, INC.

Newsmax Media, Inc. filed with the New York Department of State on April 19th of 2012. Newsmax Media, Inc comes under Delaware jurisdiction, although the company forwards service of process via its registered agent in New York, Cogency Global Inc. is located in New York, NY, United States and is part of the legal services industry, providing reliable services as a registered agent for multiple companies. Regardless of the registered agent being served Newsmax’s papers, Newsmax Media also retains a phone number for easier contact. 

Process Service in New York can be done upon a domestic or authorized foreign corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership, although this Process Service usually requires that two copies of the process be personally served on the New York Secretary of State or any person authorized by them at the Office of the New York Department. The Department of State will mail the process to the entity at their offices if they accept Process Service on behalf of the entity. 

If Process Service is levied on the Secretary of State as an agent of a domestic corporation an authorized foreign corporation, this service is only acceptable by personally delivering to and leaving with the Secretary of State or their deputy,  the requisite documents. At the office of the department of state in the city of Albany, it is necessary to provide duplicate copies of such Process Service together with the statutory fee, which fee shall be a taxable disbursement in order to complete service. 

The Secretary of State thereinafter should promptly send one of such copies by certified mail, return receipt requested, to such corporation, at the post office address, on file in the Department of State, specified for the purpose of Process Service. 

how to serve legal papers on NEWSMAX TV

Newsmax TV is a right-leaning news channel based in the United States, owned by Newsmax Media. Opinion-based discussion programs are the primary emphasis of the network. The entity is a 24-hour news/talk station that showcases documentaries and films in the evening and during the weekend. Conspiracy theories and false accusations of voting fraud were also propagated during the 2020 United States presidential election.

Newsmax founder and American journalist Christopher Ruddy was the driving force behind the development of the channel.  In 1998, current CEO Christopher Ruddy started the news channel Newsmax TV. The United States has an all-news free-to-air station which is accessible free of charge online. The channel began in 2014, initially available to 35 million DirecTV and Dish Network satellite customers, although the channel also live streams most of its TV programming on internet hosting platforms like YouTube. It is now estimated that the network has 50 million total households reachable.

Since many of the programs the channel shows are conservative talk show presenters, the channel is regarded to be quite conservative. The channel’s offices are situated in West Palm Beach, Florida, although it is aired out of New York. The network is available to over seventy-five million cable subscribers and has widespread availability of digital media players and mobile devices. The primary purpose of this channel is to broadcast live from the Newsmax offices in New York City on the East Side of Manhattan, along with having two other locations in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Sugar Land, Texas.

Newsmax TV broadcasts show presented by conservative media figures with a conservative viewpoint. The majority of Newsmax TV’s audience is generated via the cable services they are broadcast on, along with streaming on the Newsmax TV website and other digital media players, such as Roku and Newsplayer in the UK. Though free-to-air terrestrial television affiliates are a part of the network, the majority of the content that is distributed is paid for.

Newsmax and its affiliates own and operate,,,,,, and any affiliated sites as well as makes the same or similar content available via electronic and mobile devices through its applications. 

Everyone should have the right to know when personal information is collected, sold, or shared. Information that describes Newsmax’s collection and aggregation of personal information from  Process Service standards is available to anybody who asks for it. Business or commercial objectives are the main reasons for why personal information is collected, along with the intent to share it with third parties, including category providers. 

To contact Newsmax in its role as a data controller, any requester should email and mark the subject heading of the requester e-mail ‘Privacy Inquiry’ or ‘Purchaser/Subscriber Inquiry,’ specifically. If the request does not pertain to a privacy issue, the individual should instead direct their question to a customer service agent, for questions or concerns not regarding Newsmax’s data protection practices. Similarly, for any questions of intellectual property infringement, the requestor should only reach out to Newsmax’s copyright agent by emailing or contacting them via postal mail, solely for issues of copyright. It must be noted that  Newsmax, Moneynews, Newsmax Health, and Independent. American. are registered trademarks of Newsmax Media, Inc. Newsmax TV, and Newsmax World are trademarks of Newsmax Media, Inc.

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1. Peters, Jeremy W. ‘A Compass for Conservative Politics.’ The New York Times, The New York Times, 10 July 2011, 

2. CNN Business reports that the cable channel’s nightly TV shows are getting 700,000 – 800,000 viewers; pre-election during the summer, the channel averaged 25,000 viewers at any given time.

3. Former Fox News anchors Rob Schmitt, Greg Kelly, Bob Sellers, and Heather Childers have all been hired to help improve Ruddy Network’s image as a rival to Fox News






(561) 686-1165

 (Address and Telephone Number of Registrant’s Principal Executive Offices and

    Principal Place of Business)



  (561) 686-1165

           (Name, Address and Telephone Number of Agent for Service)

7. In the absence of any person described, service may be done on the cashier, treasurer, secretary, or general manager or on any director; or on any officer or business agent residing in the state




9. Or if the place is a private mailbox, a virtual office, or an executive office or mini-suite

10. When a corporation engages in substantial and not isolated activities within this state, or has a business office within the state and is actually engaged in the transaction of business therefrom, service upon any officer or business agent while on corporate business within this state may personally be made, pursuant to this section, and it is not necessary in such case that the action, suit, or proceeding against the corporation shall have arisen out of any transaction or operation connected with or incidental to the business being transacted within the state.


Burnham, Mr. Darryle




12. Doing Business As



750 Park OF Commerce Dr. Ste 100

Boca Raton, FL, 33487-3650
United States


(561) 682-3505

13. c/o Secretary of State

P.O. Box 6327

Tallahassee, FL 32314

14. Direct Service of Process naming the Secretary of State as a Defendant to: 

The Secretary of State,

 R.A. Gray Building, 

Tallahassee, Florida  32301. 

Direct Service of Process naming the State of Florida as a Defendant to: 

The Florida Attorney General’s office or call 850.414.3990. 

Direct Service of Process naming an insurance COMPANY (not an insurance AGENCY) as a Defendant to: 

The Chief Financial Officer at the State of Florida, or call 850.413.4200

15. Payment Options

$8.75 per defendant, non-refundable.

Make checks or money orders payable to the Department of State.

Payment must be in U.S. currency from a U.S. bank.


Address:122 EAST 42ND STREET, 18TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY, 10168


Address:122 EAST 42ND STREET, 18TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY, United States, 10168

18. Chief Executive Officer’s Name and Address

Christopher Ruddy


750 PARK OF COMMERCE DR., STE 100, BOCA RATON, FL, United States, 33487

19. Principal Executive Office



NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10017-5703


21. Newsmax TV Corporate Office Address

Newsmax Media, Inc.

1501 Northpoint Parkway Suite 104

West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

22. Contact Newsmax TV

Phone Number: (561) 686-1165

Fax Number: (561) 494-092

23. Website:

Email: Email Newsmax TV

24. The Sites, E-mail Content, Mobile Content, the Feeds, subscription services offered by Newsmax and all related content and products thereto, are collectively referred to herein as ‘Newsmax Offerings.’

25. email;

26.Newsmax Media, P.O. Box 20989, West Palm Beach, FL 33416.


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