N.Y. CVP. LAW § 2303: NY Code – Section 2303: Process Service Rules and Laws Serving  subpoenas; payment of fees in advance

(a) A subpoena requiring attendance or a subpoena duces tecum shall be served in the same manner as a summons, except that where service of such a subpoena is made under subdivision two or four of section three hundred eight, the filing of a proof of service shall not be required. Service shall be deemed complete upon the later delivery or mailing of the subpoena if made under subdivision two of section three hundred eight. Upon the later of the subpoena’s affixing or mailing if made under subdivision four of section three hundred eight. Any person subpoenaed shall be paid or tendered in advance authorized traveling expenses and one day’s witness fee. A copy of any subpoena duces tecum served in a pending civil judicial proceeding shall also be served, in the manner outlined in rule twenty-one hundred three, on each party who has appeared in the civil judicial proceeding so that it is received by such parties promptly after service on the witness and before the production of books, papers or other things. (b) A child support subpoena issued under section one hundred eleven-p of the social services law to public utility companies and corporations, including but not limited to cable television, gas, electric, steam, and telephone companies and corporations, as defined in section two of the public service law, may be served by regular mail, or through an automated process where the information sought is maintained in an automated database. All other child support subpoenas issued under section one hundred eleven-p of the social services law shall be served by the subdivision provisions (a) of this section.

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