Undisputed Legal Inc. is a licensed & insured process server agency, with an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, providing process service, court service, skip trace, subpoena service, eviction service and world compliance investigations to law firms, attorneys and the general public, nationwide.

With an experienced staff dedicated to giving you the most professional and diligent service available. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with unparalleled quality and service.


Process Service - our process server agency serves all types of legal documents, including: summons and complaints, divorce papers, family court documents, subpoenas, citations, small claims court cases, order to show cause, motions, petitions, discovery documents, evictions, landlord/tenant notices, motions and more. We are a full service process server agency providing law firms, attorneys and the general public with legal services nationwide. At Undisputed Legal Inc., we employ hundreds of process servers nationwide, which allows us to provide all of our clients with local professional process servers, allowing us to offer three (3) levels of service for all of our clients nationwide. For more detailed information on process service please visit our process service page listed under the services tab above.

  • Routine (Process Server will make 1st attempt within 3-5 business Days);
  • Rush (Process Server will make 1st attempt next business day);
  • Same Day (Process Server will make 1st attempt same day); and
  • Stake-Out (Process Server will show up on date & duration of time you select).


Subpoena Service - is a special division within our process service department, that exclusively deals with the service of process of Subpoena Dues Tecum, Subpoena Ad Testificandum & Information Subpoenas. We have found due to the complexities (i.e. Civil Practice laws and rules) related to service of process of subpoenas it was necessary for this expansion which has allowed us to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of each and every service. For more detailed information on subpoena service please visit our subpoena service page listed under the services tab above.


Eviction Services - offers full service eviction solutions for New York Landlords, Commercial Real Estate Managers and Real Estate Investors. Lease Violations, Non Payment Issues, No Problem! New York Landlords Only. Services includes drafting eviction documents, process servers & court filing. For more detailed information on eviction service please visit our eviction service page listed under the services tab above.


Court Service - On a daily basis we service all Federal, State, Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial, Family, Surrogates and District Court. Experienced paralegals handling all court assignments, filings, calendar calls, documents retrievals, etc. For more detailed information on court service please visit our court service page listed under the services tab above.


Skip Trace Service - is the process of locating a persons whereabouts for a number of purposes, weather it be for civil and/or criminal actions. Real Investigators providing fast, reliable, detailed reports within minutes. For more detailed information on skip trace service please visit our skip trace service page listed under the services tab above.


World Compliance has the most comprehensive database with more than 2.5 million risk entities from over 150 countries that may represent a risk to your organization's finances and reputation. Our solutions are used to identify entities linked to over 67 risk categories including terrorism, narcotics, money laundering, fraud, collateral crimes and 1.4 million Politically Exposed Persons.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives"
- Foster, William A

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