How To Modify Your Child Support Order In New York

By: Akanksha A. Panicker

New York takes child support seriously. There are strong mechanisms in place to enforce child support. In fact, if the custodial parent does not know where the noncustodial parent or putative (alleged) father lives,  the last known address and place of employment of the parent will be contacted in an attempt to locate the parent. Additional Federal or state resources may also be used in this endeavor. New York also has expedited contempt proceedings for noncustodial parents in violation of child support. 

In order to understand how modifying child support orders in New York works, it must be understood that the standard support obligation in New York is always based on a statutory calculation. However, the discretion of the court is ultimately what decided an appropriate child support amount, and can modify the amount based on the cost of living or unforeseen circumstances. 

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