This article will provide guidance on how to serve legal papers on AmerisourceBergen Corporation. AmerisourceBergen Corporation is an American medication wholesale business that was formed through the merger of Bergen Brunswig and AmeriSource. The entity offers medication distribution as well as a medical business and patient services consultancy. They distribute a line of brand names and generic drugs, healthcare supplies, and equipment to healthcare providers across the United States including acute care hospitals and healthcare systems, independent and retail pharmacies, mail-order facilities, doctors, clinics, and other alternate sites. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions About Process Servers!

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They also offer long-term care, compensation for employees, and specialty medication patients with pharmaceutical and pharmacy services. AmerisourceBergen handles about 20% of all pharmaceutical products supplied and delivered throughout the USA, with close to two hundred billion in revenues each year. In 2012, the company was the biggest in Pennsylvania with revenue  Click here for information on How To Identify A Good Process Service Agency


AmerisourceBergen was formed in 2001 following the merger of AmeriSource Health Corporation and Bergen Brunswig Corporation. AmerisourceBergen now has twenty-six pharmaceutical distribution centers in the US and other distribution centers globally. With the addition of World Courier, the largest specialty courier company in the world, over a hundred and fifty company-owned offices around the globe were added to the company. Click here for information on How Rush Process Service Can Expedite Your Case.


AmerisourceBergen operates in four main pharmaceuticals units: [A.] AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation (ABDC), [B.] AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group (ABSG), [C.] AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services (ABCS) and [D.] World Courier. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. stated in March 2016 that it will buy up around twenty-two million shares of AmerisourceBergen shares and would consequently control fifteen percent of the business. Click here for information on How Service of Process Ensures A Solid Foundation.


AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation is located in Conshohocken, PA, United States, and is part of the Drugs and Druggists’ Sundries Merchant Wholesalers Industry. AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation does not have a registered agent, although Pennsylvania Process Service may be done on the higher authorities of the company. The entity also retains a phone number for easier Pennsylvania Process Service. Click here for information on How Process Servers Protect Your Rights: Myths Debunked

The 1988 Pennsylvania Business Company Law defines a Corporation or Domestic Corporation as a for-profit corporation organized under Pennsylvania law. A business company may be formed by one or more companies, for-profit or not-for-profit, or natural people of full age.

Unless their articles of formation specify a more restricted purpose, such companies are free to engage in any legal activity. Each company is required to have a registered office in the state of Pennsylvania. The registered office does not have to be the same as any of the company locations.

Until its articles of incorporation deliver differently, a corporation’s corporate name essentially has everlasting duration and succession. It has the same capabilities as a natural person to conduct out its activity.  A corporation’s articles of incorporation must not include wording suggesting that the company was formed for a purpose other than that specified in the articles.

A corporation’s life starts with the filing of the articles of incorporation with the Department of State. The first directors must convene an organizing meeting inside or outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania after formation. The corporation’s bylaws are approved during the organizational meeting.

A corporation’s Pennsylvania Process Service bylaws may include any provision for administering the corporation’s operations and regulating its activities. The bylaws must not conflict with the corporation’s articles of incorporation or with Pennsylvania Process Service Any corporate powers must be undertaken or delegated to the board of directors. The board of Directors’ power is subject to any limitations specified in the articles of incorporation. The bylaws may establish minimum Pennsylvania Process Service requirements for directors. 

The annual shareholders’ meeting of a company may be held in or outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Failure to convene the annual or another regular meeting on the schedule shall not result in the corporation’s dissolution or invalidation of otherwise legal corporate actions. If no shareholder calls and holds the annual or other regular meetings within six months of the specified period, any shareholder may call the meeting at any time afterward.

Amerisource Group LLC is located in Princeton, NJ, United States, and is part of the professional and commercial equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers industry. The entity is a limited liability company that falls under New Jersey jurisdiction, wherein Process Service may be done in this location. 

An entity can qualify or register as a foreign limited liability company in the State of New Jersey when the proper filing with the Secretary of State’s office of New Jersey is made, specifying [A.] the name of the entity, [B.] the state and date of formation, [C.] Certificate of Authority (a document that grants the ability to do business in the domestic state)[D.] the Registered Agent’s Name and Address; [E.] the purpose of business being transacted, [F.] FEIN number and [G.] NAICS code. Since limited liability companies have further specifications than corporations, it would also be necessary to include a principal office address, a mailing address, and the  Registered Agent’s number. 

Limited liability companies must first obtain an employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS, which would require the filing of a Certificate of Formation or Authorization. This fee is USD125 for all for-profit entities and Foreign Non-Profit corporations. The fee is USD 75 for Domestic Non-Profit corporations and the certificate can be formed online. After filing the certificate of formation/authorization, it is necessary to file the tax or employer registration form (Form NJ-REG).

Bergen Brunswig Corporation comprises two subsidiaries: Bergen Brunswig Medicine Company, a wholesale drug distributor, and Common, a warehousing and distribution company for home movies and electronic goods. The corporation’s revenues have grown during the last decade wherein Bergen Brunswig is the second biggest pharmaceutical distributor in the United States, and has been on the cutting edge of accounting and marketing technology since its inception in 1969. It is the nation’s biggest distributor of pharmaceuticals and health aids to hospitals. Common, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, is the nation’s biggest warehouser and distributor of home video.

Capstone Pharmacy Of Delaware Inc is regulated by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and incorporated in the state of Delaware. Capstone Pharmacy Of Delaware Inc is primarily in the business of services-skilled nursing care facilities. For financial reporting and Pennsylvania Process Service, their fiscal year ends on December 31st. 

The entity has its Pennsylvania Process Service business address in Orange, California. This address has also been used for Pennsylvania Process Service mailing purposes. The SIC Code for Capstone Pharmacy Of Delaware is SIC 8051 for services in skilled nursing care facilities. 

Any non-US entity may domesticate in Delaware as a corporation or limited liability company by filing a certificate of corporate (or LLC) domestication and a certificate of incorporation (or certificate of formation, as applicable) with the Delaware Secretary of State. Additionally, a Delaware Division of Revenue Business License is required.

Prior to filing in Delaware, the non-US entity must authorize the domestication and certificate of incorporation or formation in the manner prescribed by its governing documents or the legislation of the country in which it was formed. The entity is considered to be the same entity as the domesticating non-US entity upon domestication in Delaware, and the domestication is deemed to represent a continuation of the domesticating non-US entity’s existence in the form of a Delaware corporation or LLC. Delaware law applies to the non-US entity to the same degree as if the non-US entity had been established as a Delaware entity on the effective date of domestication. However, domestication of a non-US business does not alter any obligations or liabilities accrued before domestication, nor does it impact any person’s personal responsibility for such obligations/liabilities.

A foreign firm may also do business via an intermediary, such as a sales agent, distributor, or branch office. However, these arrangements may expose the foreign company to significantly increased risk and responsibility in the United States.

A non-Delaware corporation may not conduct business in Delaware through or through branch offices, agents, or representatives located in Delaware without first filing a certificate of existence from its jurisdiction of incorporation within six months of applying for a qualification in Delaware, paying a USD80 filing fee, and providing a statement executed by an authorized officer.

Amerisource Health Services LLC is a legal entity that retains a Pennsylvania Process Service address in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. However, the entity retains an address for mailing purposes in Columbus, Ohio the entity is a Foreign Limited Liability company that was incorporated on 20th December 2018. The registered agent for Pennsylvania Process Service is CT Corporation System.

To register a foreign LLC in Ohio, it is necessary to file an Ohio Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company with the Ohio Secretary of State, Business Services Division. This document can be submitted by mail or in person and the Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company costs USD 99 to file. It must be noted that the limited liability company is required to maintain a statutory agent in Ohio. Upon failure of a limited liability company to continuously maintain a statutory agent or file a change of name or address of a statutory agent, the office of the Secretary of State must notify the entity of this failure.

On February 11th, 2022, the Ohio Revised Limited Liability Company Act (LLC Act) will become effective for all Ohio limited liability corporations. Chapter 1705 of the Ohio Revised Code is repealed and replaced with Chapter 1706 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Secretary of State’s office has developed new filing forms and will be upgrading the Ohio Business Central filing system in response to the changes in the legislation. For instance, in 2008, the business services office started classifying limited liability corporations as for-profit or non-profit. Although the new LLC Act specifies that limited liability companies may be established for any purpose, our office will now classify all organizations as limited liability companies without requiring an extra purpose declaration. While preliminary versions of the forms are provided, they cannot be filed until February 11, 2022.

Amerisourcebergen Services is a legal entity in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. The entity retains a Pennsylvania Process Service mailing address as well in its capacity as a foreign corporation. However, the entity retains a registered agent in Glendale California. CT Corporation is a registered agent for Pennsylvania Process Service that has been in control of Amerisourcebergen Services since its incorporation on September 20th, 2001. 

An entity will need a Certificate of Good Standing from their home state in order to register a foreign LLC in California which has been obtained no less than six months ago. The entity can obtain a Certificate from their Secretary of State’s office.  A name reservation is not necessary to submit a Foreign LLC Registration, but the entity may wish to apply for a reservation with the Secretary of State for USD 10.

To register the out-of-state LLC, the company must submit an Application to Register Foreign LLC under Form LLC-5 for a filing fee of USD 70 included with filing the current Certificate of Good Standing.

Once the filing is processed, the Secretary of State will return one plain copy of the filed document for free. Certified copies are available upon request and payment of a USD 5 fee. All LLCs in California must file a Statement of Information within ninety days of registration. After this Initial Statement is filed, a foreign LLC must submit additional Statements of Information every two years for a filing fee of USD 20.


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1. David Yost was CEO of Amerisource prior to the merger and remained in the position after the companies merged

2. On 29 June, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced an unusual agreement with Gilead in which HHS agreed to Gilead’s wholesale acquisition price, HHS would continue to work together with state governments and drug wholesaler AmerisourceBergen to allocate shipments of Remdesivir vials to American hospitals through the end of September 2020, and in exchange, during that three-month timeframe (July, August, and September), American patients would be allocated over 90% of Gilead’s projected Remdesivir output of more than 500,000 treatment courses

3. Steve Collis


2550 John Glenn Ave Ste A

Columbus, OH, 43217-1188
United States

4. Phone

(610) 727-7000

5.The corporate name may be in any language but must be in Roman letters or characters or Arabic or Roman numerals and shall contain the words ‘corporation,’ ‘company,’ ‘incorporated,’ or ‘limited,’ or an abbreviation of any of them, or the words ‘association,’ ‘fund,’ or ‘syndicate,’ or words or abbreviations of similar import in languages other than English.

6. Each director of a business company must be an adult natural person. Unless the rules specify otherwise, a director does not have to be a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or a shareholder of the company. The board of directors must be composed of one or more members, the number of whom shall be stated in or set by the articles of incorporation or bylaws.

7. 743 Alexander Rd Ste 15

Princeton, NJ, 08540-6328
United States


(609) 269-2244

8. ‘Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online.’ Internal Revenue Service, 




10. 8 Del. C. 388; 6 Del. C. 18-212

11. Address: 227 WASHINGTON ST, CONSHOHOCKEN, PA 19428-2086


Address: 2550 JOHN GLENN AVE, COLUMBUS, OH 43217-1188

13. Registered Agent: C T CORPORATION SYSTEM

Registered Agent Address: 9360 GLACIER HWY STE 202, JUNEAU, AK 99801-7012

14. The new LLC Act permits the formation of Series LLCs in Ohio.  Articles of Organization may specifically allow for series.  Each series, in its own name, may enter into contracts; sue or be sued; hold and convey title to assets of the series, including real property, personal property, and intangible property; grant liens and security interests in assets of the series.   This structure provides liability protection to each series, as assets owned by one series are shielded from the risk of liability of others within the same series LLC.

15.  227 WASHINGTON ST, CONSHOHOCKEN , PA 19428-2086

16. Registered Agent Address: 330 N BRAND BLVD STE 700, GLENDALE, CA 91203-2336


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