This article will provide guidance on how to serve legal papers on UnitedHealth Group Incorporated. UnitedHealth Group, a U.S.-based, global health- and insurance-management business headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, was founded in 1979. The entity provides a variety of healthcare goods and insurance policies. A majority of the organization’s total revenue comes from UnitedHealthcare’s earnings. With around a hundred and fifty million clients, UnitedHealth Group is mostly an insurance-centered organization. UnitedHealthcare is UnitedHealth Group’s benefit subsidiary, and it also includes three different departments: OptumRx, a mail-order pharmacy, OptumHealth, which has an HSA, and OptumInsight, a payment processor. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions About Process Servers!

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UnitedHealth Group has undergone several transformations since it was founded in 1974 as Charter Med Incorporated. In the early 1980s, it became United HealthCare Corporation and subsequently changed its name to what it is today. UnitedHealth Group, known for being one of the world’s largest health insurers, recently bought the Patients Like Me online patient platform for an undisclosed sum. The entity has completed many other purchases throughout its history, which has helped it rise to its current position as one of the leading insurers in the world. Click here for information on How To Identify A Good Process Service Agency

UnitedHealthcare offers commercial group insurance plans across the United States under several product names with different offerings, primarily [A.]  UnitedHealthcare Select which works as an exclusive provider organization (EPO) with no coverage for out-of-network providers, [B.] UnitedHealthcare Select Plus in its capacity as a preferred provider organization (PPO);[C.] UnitedHealthcare Choice functions as an HMO plan with access to specialists, whereas UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus is an HMO that allows for out-of-network coverage and[D.] UnitedHealthcare Navigate, Charter, and Compass would require a primary care physician referral to see a specialist, causing more restrictive managed care plans, similar to point-of-service plans. UnitedHealth Group’s income is made up of several sources, including risk-based plan premiums, fees for services, product sales, and healthcare service and investment revenue. Click here for information on How Rush Process Service Can Expedite Your Case.

UnitedHealthcare concludes contract negotiations with suppliers every quarter, and they sometimes end contracts.  If the circumstances are right, a single legal contract disagreement may have significant consequences for all branches involved in a case such as that of Envision Healthcare, a provider network whose medical service providers were contracted out to countless individual doctors and their offices. Click here for information on How Service of Process Ensures A Solid Foundation.


To avoid penalties, insurance companies must have up-to-date provider directories so that Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services can see that the insurer is following all regulations. UnitedHealthcare compels providers to apprise them of changes, but also utilize tools that contact providers proactively to find out about any changes. Providers, however, are overwhelmed by the challenge of keeping their information up to date in many networks, particularly competitors to UnitedHealthcare. Consequently, a blockchain project that started in 2018 has been implemented to spread the directory’s costs among several groups. Click here for information on How Process Servers Protect Your Rights: Myths Debunked

With UnitedHealth Group’s Premiums Business Co-pays, the individual gets every insurance service the insurer provides. In 2017, the firm brought in more than 60 billion in premiums from Medicare and retirement customers, with senior care being one of UnitedHealthcare’s biggest sectors. Premium income then follows in the form of employer and individual plans.  Other goods and services offered by UnitedHealth Group include anything from healthcare instruments and equipment to consultancy and tech solutions. Most of these are supplied using independent contractors, direct sales, or agents with a volume discount.


UnitedHealth Group’s secondary money-maker is its Optum Business Insurance division, which is growing in prominence. The Optum group, however, operates as a vigorous and essential part of the organization. OptumHealth delivers healthcare, interaction with customers, and additional offerings including healthcare finance. OptumInsight concentrates on the largest players in the healthcare sector, where it offers services including knowledge, technology, and other support. OptumRx is a pharmaceutical care service, provides pharmacy benefits and services to employers. UnitedHealth Company has operations spanning more than a hundred and fifty countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. This includes Optum, which is a pharmaceutical benefits manager and health care services, group. UnitedHealth Group created the Optum brand in 2011 to unify three of its major enterprises: [A.] OptumHealth, [B.] OptumInsight, and [C.] OptumRx. 

The Optum trade secrets lawsuit garnered a significant amount of media attention in early 2019 when the company filed the lawsuit against former executive David William Smith, who had previously worked for Optum and had just gone to work for Haven, the joint healthcare venture created by Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway. Optum, which is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, specializes in pharmacy benefits and other wellness services.


The United Health Group Inc was established with the Department of State of New York, having its initial filing completed on March 18th, 1999. The entity is entirely New York-based, filing for incorporation in New York County for Minnesota Process Service.

A New York-based United Health Group Inc. is wholly subject to the regulations of New York City Process Service and is a domestic business entity for legal purposes. The steps required to incorporate a company are outlined in the section of the Business Corporation Law about incorporating business corporations. Additionally, the organization does not have a registered agent, thus when the Secretary of State is served, Minnesota Process Service is frequently considered to be completed. The Department of State  will then ship a copy of the process to the company with certified mail with the specified address to United Health Group Inc. made available while giving the Certificate of Incorporation, which is on file with the other United Health Group Inc. documents in the Department of State

UnitedHealth Group Finance Company, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, Inc. UnitedHealth Group is a major American health insurer, supplying group and individual clients all across the country with various policies and services. It provides health insurance services through its UnitedHealthcare benefits division, which has in place HMO, PPO, and POS programs, and its UnitedHealthcare Medicare, Medicaid, state-funded, and supplementary dental and vision coverage choices. Optum Health Services, which consists of OptumHealth, OptumInsight, and OptumRx, offers a multitude of products and services to both the public and the healthcare industry, which include medical, wellness, and care management programs, financial services, information technology solutions, and pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services.

The company was incorporated on 17th  February 2000 in Delaware. Consequently, the entity is a General Corporation with the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware itself, since the county of incorporation was New Castle. The company retains the Corporation Trust Corporation System as a registered agent for Minnesota Process Service.  

The Department of State of New York established the UnitedHealthcare Of New York, Inc. on July 10th, 1986, when its first filing was completed. For Process Service in the New York City area, the organization has filed for incorporation in New York County.

The Minnesota Process Service may issue subpoenas and orders to a domestic company called UnitedHealthcare of New York, Inc., which is a subsidiary of the national UnitedHealth Group Inc. The procedures for creating a business corporation are included in the part of the Business Corporation Law discussing how to set up such an organization. Furthermore, the lack of an appointed agent means that the Secretary of State considers the process to be complete once they serve it according to Process Service regulations. The State Department will then send a certified certificate of incorporation to UnitedHealthcare of New York, Inc., complete with the certified mail service. UnitedHealthcare of New York, Inc. retains the CT Corporation System as its registered agent for Process Service, which means that the CT Corporation System will receive the Process Service rather than the documents being directed to the New York Secretary of State. The entity, however, still retains a principal office wherein service of process may be provided by mail or by personal Process Service, with the higher officers or other authorities being empowered to accept the Process Service accordingly. 

The company was incorporated in Delaware for purposes of Minnesota Process Service. The initial filing itself was done on July 1st, 2015, ensuring that  UnitedHealth Group Incorporated was classified as a General Corporation. It should be noted that since this filing was done in Delaware, the jurisdiction of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated falls under the State of Delaware since the county of incorporation was New Castle. The company retains Corporation Trust Corporation System as a registered agent for Minnesota Process Service.

On July 1st, 2015, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated essentially changed its state of incorporation from Minnesota to Delaware pursuant to a plan of conversion. The reincorporation was approved by the Company’s stockholders at its 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on June 1, 2015. Upon reincorporation, the affairs of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated became subject to the Delaware General Corporation Law, a new certificate of incorporation and new bylaws, and each previously outstanding share of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated’s common stock as a Minnesota corporation (UNH Minnesota) converted into an outstanding share of common stock of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated as a Delaware corporation after the reincorporation (UNH Delaware). The reincorporation was a tax-free reorganization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and was purported to not affect the Company’s business operations.

UnitedHealth Group International Finance, LLC is a broker-dealer regulated by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and incorporated in the state of Delaware.  The entity filed for incorporation on 6th  September 2019. The entity retains Corporation Trust Company as a registered agent for Minnesota Process Service. 

UnitedHealth Group International Holdings Inc. is a Domestic General Corporation registered as such in Delaware, where it was incorporated on 6th September 2019. Like other UnitedHealth Group entities,  UnitedHealth Group International Holdings I Inc. retains Corporation Trust Company as its registered agent for Minnesota Process Service. However,  UnitedHealth Group International Holdings Inc. and other  UnitedHealth Group entities retain their principal address for their offices in the state of incorporation, with an office in Wilmington Delaware in New Castle County.

UnitedHealth Group International, LLC is a subsidiary of the UnitedHealth Group and filed for incorporation with the Department of State on June 21st, 2000 in the county of New Castle. The entity itself is classified as a General Limited Liability Company that falls under Delaware jurisdiction for Minnesota Process Service guidelines to be used.  

Minnesota Process Service needs to be rendered on the Secretary of State as an agent of a domestic limited company. However,   UnitedHealth Group International, LLC retains a registered agent on record, such that Minnesota Process Service may be forwarded from the Department of State. Consequently, Process Service can be sufficiently done by  personally delivering to and leaving with Corporation Trust Company  duplicate  copies  of  any Process Service that might be authorized

UnitedHealth Group Ventures has made a high point of its continued work as its development of a rigorous build-to-scale model to ensure that the market will support a scaled solution, designing sustainable businesses specifically to meet market needs.

UnitedHealth Group Ventures is a company owned by the UnitedHealth Group and located in New Castle County, Delaware. It was incorporated there on July 12th, 2012. The entity itself is a Delaware limited liability company, with the state’s Process Service rules applying.

A domestic limited liability company must have Process Service provided as the agency of that limited liability company. Nevertheless, in addition to retaining a registered agent on record, UnitedHealth Group Ventures may have process service from the Department of State sent to the agent. Process Service may be adequately performed with Corporation Trust Company by physically providing copies of the Process Service that has been approved and picking up duplicate copies of what was delivered, which is the responsibility of the registered agent.


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5. Lawsuit against Haven

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) has filed a complaint with U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf requesting that he exclude former Optum executive David William Smith from working at Haven (Smith’s new company) (the Amazon, JP Morgan, and Berkshire-Hathaway joint-healthcare venture).

Optum claimed that Smith’s position as CEO of Haven was in direct competition with its company and was, therefore, a breach of the non-compete agreement that he signed as an Optum employee.   Smith requested that the court dispatch the case to confidential arbitration. Wolf granted Smith’s motion but denied Optum’s, resulting in arbitration procedures that may delay the court case.

The case garnered media attention as setting a precedent in trade secret litigation ahead of an anticipated wave of vertical integration in the healthcare industry and for uncovering previously unknown details about Haven.  The matter was particularly important because it illustrates the threats that pharmaceutical benefit managers think that they are under due to increased bipartisan pressure to reign in growing healthcare prices. A court ruled in favor of the Journal and the Washington Post, whose legal counsel then released Stoddard’s statements in support of Haven.

6. Optum’s three businesses, OptumRx, OptumHealth, and OptumInsight focus on five core capabilities: data and analytics, pharmacy care services, population health, healthcare delivery, and healthcare operation


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