This article will provide guidance on How Same-day and Rush Process Service options can accelerate your legal case.  Consumers are anxious to obtain their items in the same-day and on-demand delivery era. Therefore, every process service agency is responsible for providing lightning-fast delivery of your documents with exceptional service. We at Undisputed Legal offer this with our same-day and rush services. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions About Process Servers!

How Process Service Works

Rush service is a process that is planned and completed quicker than ordinarily anticipated. Express delivery is a term used to describe expedited delivery services, albeit the term might vary by server. Rush delivery is often the quickest service of process option available from a given organization. However, we at Undisputed Legal offer more than this.   Service that is organized and completed within the same business day is known as ‘same day delivery.’ Businesses that wish to provide quick delivery have two options: either employing a dedicated in-house process service staff or contracting with a group of local process servers. At Undisputed Legal, our process server network is prevalent across the United States. Click here for information on How Service of Process Ensures A Solid Foundation

How Our Process Service Works

The term ‘process service,’ which refers to the process of serving initial legal action on another party (like a defendant), a court, or an administrative body in the respected state, is used to describe the method by which one party seeks to exercise jurisdiction over another so that they can respond to a proceeding before a tribunal. Process service is the act of delivering a bundle of court papers (hence ‘process’) to the party that is to receive them. Click here for information on How Process Servers Protect Your Rights: Myths Debunked

Our process servers are across the country. Despite being based in New York City, we are well-versed in serving various legal documents. This includes, but is not limited to, citations, orders to show cause, petitions, discovery documents, evictions, notices to landlords and tenants, motions, and many more.  Click here for information on How To Overcome Language Barriers in Process Service 

Thanks to the process servers we employ locally, professional process servers are available to all of us.  We offer regular service of process, where we make our first attempt within three to five business days. However, our Rush service can help ensure your documents are served by the next business day. Our Rush Service is not limited to local areas but may span many states or borders if necessary.

How Rush Process Service Works

Order processing is the first step of any service attempt. This is an often-overlooked part of the process service procedure that may consume much time and resources. We make our first attempt to serve your documents only after carefully ensuring that your papers adhere to process service requirements. This becomes complicated in cases with evasive or uncooperative individuals reluctant to accept service. Click here for information on How To Identify A Good Process Service Agency

The next stage in making a rush service is to map out the best possible route. Express orders need careful planning to ensure they are served in the allotted time frame. It should be known that a rush service of papers would be impossible without a workforce of local process service agents ready to start their routes immediately after an urgent order has been received. Rather than spending hours each week without accountability, our process servers will provide detailed GPS updates. They can help you understand exactly where your papers are at all times.

In the rush service flowchart, it is all about the client. This is impossible without providing consumers with up-to-the-moment tracking information and an accurate estimate of when they may expect their documents to arrive. We also offer detailed personalized ‘Real-Time’ email status updates and an email copy of the affidavit before mailing. A signed Proof of Service is the last step in any expedited service procedure. We ensure that your affidavits are sent to you, which is necessary for both the process server and the client to avoid disputes.

The purpose of our robust bespoke management system is to keep our customers updated on our progress. This is accomplished in real-time through an app that records information and images of servicing attempts. Undisputed Legal is devoted to servicing our customers by securely storing every document involved with the case via electronic imaging and data transfers, and all scanned papers and progress are available from our simple-to-use client site.

Same-day service is available, and we can handle urgent filings and requests at the last minute. We will make every effort to provide your rush papers within the stated time frame (usually the next business day). Most Rush papers may be delivered the next business day. 

A process server should be an extension of your organization, and you should expect nothing less from us. We hold our process servers to a higher level than the industry average. All of our process servers are honest and trustworthy individuals. 

Why opt for a Rush and Same Day Process Service

Using a competent process server is always highly recommended. Professional process servers have years of expertise in the industry, and they never take sides in the cases they are assigned to. Specialists have the equipment necessary to execute an excellent job. Their equipment consists of, but is not limited to, computers, mobile devices, and in-vehicle supplies. Having a friend serve documents in a disputed situation might be risky for both parties. Working with an objective expert is always the best option for these and other reasons. A professional process server will also provide an affidavit of service notarized or commissioned and admissible in the court or tribunal where your case is being heard. Court actions are often denied, delayed, or terminated due to errors in affidavits (typical for anybody without expertise producing them).

Same-day process service is an excellent option for papers that must be served as fast as possible. Process service often boils down to deadlines, and ensuring that your documents are served within the specified timeframe can be challenging. Same-day process service is an option at Undisputed Legal, which can be extremely helpful in shorter deadlines. 

Process service is a vital component of the legal process. Proper delivery of grave matters is ensured. Putting documents in the mail will often not suffice as a service of process. The filing of a civil complaint against someone that takes place in their absence and without their knowledge is illegal. Serving someone face-to-face is the preferred and most direct method. With same-day service, Undisputed Legal can ensure that the court’s specifications are met and your papers delivered within twenty-four hours. 

How to approach Rush and Same Day Process Service

Filling out our service request form is the most efficient method to have someone served with legal documents.  We offer our service by in-person delivery as well as service by mail. It is necessary to scan the service papers (ideally in color) and convert them to PDF format. At that point, you’ll need a computer (PC, Mac, Tablet, Android, or iPhone). All the information in our request form helps expedite your work order, have the documents served, and get your affidavit or proof of service appropriately signed and returned to you.

All primary and normal services will be attempted on the first working day after document receipt, guaranteed. For pro se litigants, we first attempt to contact the recipient within three business days after receiving the work order and payment. All speedy service times are subject to availability.  Every service or effort to serve our clients results in an immediate update. We log each attempt’s time, place, and GPS coordinates and any relevant court file data in cloud-based software. This data and the process server’s extensive annotations will be sent to you immediately. Your proof of service and our credibility as a company can only benefit from using these modern record-keeping aids.

We collect all available data about the subject’s location during the three service attempts. If unsuccessful after three tries, we utilize the information acquired to compile an affidavit of attempted service. This affidavit of attempted service backs up an application for replacement or additional service. It confirms and establishes conclusively that three diligent efforts were made to personally serve an individual with the legal process.

If personal service is impossible, a court order may authorize an alternate service method, specifying how the service will be made. Commonly used substitute services include mailing the papers to the front door, placing them in the mailbox, or leaving them with an adult member of the same family.

Information gathered during an attempt at service will always be used to track down a person. If it does not work, we may try a skip-trace, which often yields positive results. Because of their high price tag, skip traces are usually only used as a last resort. However, Undisputed Legal servers are highly equipped to identify evasive defendants. Our process servers at Undisputed Legal are well-trained and experienced legal specialists who know how to serve someone quickly and cheaply. For this reason, many rely on the services of a professional process server. It also spares them the trouble of studying the law governing civil proceedings to avoid making mistakes that may render their assistance useless.

The question then becomes how a trained process server ensures a defendant gets served before their court date.  Many individuals choose to engage a professional process server to deliver their legal papers in a lawful and timely manner rather than deal with the difficulty of understanding process service regulations, the problems of ineffective delivery, and the possibility of civil responsibility connected with not serving someone appropriately.

Undisputed Legal has provided legal documents in New York for over a decade. Our professional process servers have significant training in the strategies and tactics necessary to serve a defendant in a timely and lawful manner, as well as a thorough understanding of the judicial system in New. Undisputed  Legal process servers can handle your service of process needs quickly and affordably.

If you need someone serviced as quickly as possible, pick same-day service. If you contact your process server too late in the day, you may be unable to take advantage of this option, which often costs more than usual and expedited services. Consequently, Rush service is the best option.  A process server will attempt to serve a client no more than three times. The number of attempts a process server makes to serve a defendant varies by firm. Most process servers will make many attempts to serve regular documents. 

A defendant must be served with a summons and complaint within three years after the date legal action was initiated. Within this time frame, the individual must be formally notified that legal action has been initiated against them. Otherwise, the case may be dropped. Each document has its deadline for when it must be served before a hearing date. At Undisputed Legal, we ensure that service is explicitly done according to the state. Consequently, it is essential to ensure that your papers comply with the service requirements of the receiving state. Undisputed Legal is unparalleled in the same-day process service industry. We have a strong understanding of the complicated legal requirements worldwide and the specific requirements of the legal community because of their location there. 

When Undisputed Legal gets your request, a complex chain of events begins. A process server experienced in same-day delivery is assigned to each job once it is recorded, processed, and prepared. The server then promptly and accurately provides the requested service. Your paperwork will be delivered on time, which is guaranteed.

Undisputed Legal is proud of its reputation for innovative problem-solving. We guarantee same-day process service, notwithstanding any challenges that may arise. No matter the conditions, they guarantee prompt, efficient, and accountable service.

Undisputed Legal improves the industry standard for serving legal documents, a relief for solicitors everywhere. Undisputed Legals’ licensed process servers can provide a dependable, same-day serving of process if you hire them immediately. The organization offers cheap process services to assist legal experts in completing this essential but costly work. 

Written by: Undisputed Legal Inc.


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