This article will provide guidance on how to serve legal papers on the New Jersey Department of Treasury. In New Jersey, the Secretary of State is not responsible for the registration of companies. Usually, the overarching power of the Secretary of State renders it the sole point of contact for businesses and acts in the capacity of a registered agent. However, the Treasury Department of New Jersey maintains business records. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions About Process Servers!

How Process Service Works

The New Jersey Department of the Treasury‘s mission is to structure the state’s budget, generate and collect revenues, disburse the state’s funds used to operate the state government, manage the state’s physical and financial assets, and provide state and local government agencies and the citizens of New Jersey with state support services. An overarching objective of the department is to help the state fulfill essential requirements using financial resources and revenues while adhering to government policies established by the governor. Click here for information on How To Identify A Good Process Service Agency

The New Jersey State Treasurer’s Office is one of the oldest divisions of state government in New Jersey, having been established as the state’s first treasurer under the first state constitution adopted in 1776. The Constitution of the State of New Jersey is the primary governing document of the State of New Jersey. In addition to three British Royal Charters issued for East Jersey, West Jersey, and United New Jersey while they were still colonies, the state has been governed by three constitutions. The first was issued on July 2nd, 1776, shortly before New Jersey ratified the United States Declaration of Independence, and the second was issued in 1844. The current document was issued in 1947 and has been amended several times.  Click here for information on How Rush Process Service Can Expedite Your Case.


New Jersey state government mandates the  New Jersey Treasurer, established as a state executive post. In this role, the treasurer manages the state’s finances. In addition to managing the treasury department, the treasurer oversees treasury department operations, passes rules and regulations, and prepares an annual report for the governor on treasury department activities. The treasurer oversees the entire state’s resources in this position. The treasurer should also be held accountable for directing the Treasury Department, ensuring that its performance meets specific standards, adopting and enacting rules and regulations, and producing an annual report for the governor on Treasury Department operations. Click here for information on How Service of Process Ensures A Solid Foundation.

Elizabeth Maher Muoio is the current officeholder. The New Jersey state treasurer, Ford Scudder, resigned on January 16, 2018, after he was nominated by Governor Phil Murphy and was given the interim position of state treasurer during Murphy’s inauguration. Muoio was administered the oath of office on April 17, 2018. The New Jersey State Senate confirms the governor’s appointment of the treasurer. Click here for information on How Process Servers Protect Your Rights: Myths Debunked


The New Jersey Treasurer’s powers are derived from Title 52, Section 18A-27 of the New Jersey Revised Statutes. An application for an appointment to a vacant position will be made according to Article V, Section 1 of the New Jersey Constitution. Click here for information on How Timelines Are Important in Process Serving.

The governor is authorized to make an appointment in the case of a vacancy, with the approval of the state Senate. The governor makes an ad interim appointment when a vacancy arises while the Legislature is on vacation. The appointment is only valid for the next regular session of the Senate. The position of deputy state treasurer will be filled in the case of a vacancy by the state treasurer’s designee. Click here for information on How To Overcome Language Barriers in Process Service 

The State Treasurer is also required to [A.] maintain suitable headquarters for the department, [B.] retain general responsibility for all of the department’s activities, [C.] look over the organization of the department and changes in the organization, [D.] create and adopt rules for the efficient conduct of the work and general administration of the department and [E.] create an annual report to the Governor and the Legislature of the department’s operations.


The treasurer heads the Treasury Department, which controls the state’s finances. In addition to these tasks, the treasurer is responsible for the treasury department, implementing laws and regulations to enable department operations, and producing an annual report to the governor on department activities. The State Treasurer may appoint, authorize, and direct the Deputy State Treasurer to exercise their authority and perform their functions and duties as a member of a board of trustees, commission, or council charged with the general administration and responsibility for any employee benefits system. However, any other officer or specially designated expert assistant in the department can also fulfill this authority.  Any such permission or instruction must be done in writing, signed by the State Treasurer, and filed with the Secretary of State. Additionally, it should specify a term of validity and duration. However, this permission or direction cannot be construed as preventing the State Treasurer from exercising the authority and performing the responsibilities set out in such authorization or direction.


The State of New Jersey requires all organizations and businesses that conduct business there to register with the Department of the Treasury. Anyone may register for free, and no New Jersey Process Service costs are involved. The entity should constantly update its contact and tax information for New Jersey Process Service purposes. Still, if it is out of touch with the current business records, updating is incredibly essential.  Most businesses with states, counties, municipalities, public school districts, charters, county colleges, and universities need registration. To ensure compliance with bidding and New Jersey Process Service requirements, an agency may be required to provide a ‘proof of registration certificate’ before a purchase order is issued. Businesses must complete Form NJ-REG and submit it to the Division of Revenue.  The form can be filed online or by mailing a physical paper form to the Division, fulfilling Process Service requirements.  Online filing is strongly encouraged. 

Before registering with the State of New Jersey, businesses must first acquire the proper legal permission to operate in the State. Usually, business incorporation, such as a Certificate of Incorporation or Formation, is done to achieve this. This is accomplished by filing an original business certificate with the Division of Revenue and the adequate New Jersey Process Service that accompanies the same. 

Effective June 1st, the Statutory fees associated with Small Business, Minority and Women-owned, Veteran, and Disabled Veteran-owned businesses will no longer be required to pay a fee to apply for certification or recertification. 


If an agent for New Jersey Process Service retires or quits, a company owner may replace their registered agent for Process Service to act as their registered agent. Changing a registered agent year-round is easiest done by filing a registered agent change form with the New Jersey Department of Treasury, which complies with New Jersey Process Service measures.  The Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, which falls under the New Jersey Department of Treasury website, can assist businesses. For this procedure, the stages are: [A.] to get their business entity identification number, find their business type, and the date the firm was incorporated or established or authorized as per New Jersey Process Service requirements[B.] submit all reports for review, [C.] complete and submit the form as well as payment and New Jersey Process Service details, the fee being USD 25. To change the registered agent for New Jersey Process Service in New Jersey,  it is necessary to visit the New Jersey Department of Treasury’s Change Registered Agent Office website and fill out an online form.

The registered agent of an LLC in New Jersey must submit Form L-122 with the Division of Revenue of the New Jersey Department of Treasury. This form is accessible online and may be completed in person or by mail. One must attend the New Jersey Department of Revenue in Trenton, New Jersey, if they file via in-person New Jersey Process Service. To pay, the Department accepts money orders, cheques, cash, or major credit cards. For every for-profit organization, the form must be submitted in triplicate. All nonprofit organizations must file in triplicate to adhere to New Jersey Process Service parameters.

If users submit the filled-in form and fee to the N.J. Division of Revenue, it is considered New Jersey Process Service by mail.  To pay the New Jersey Process Service charge, a cheque should be sent to the Treasurer, State of New Jersey, and addressed to the treasurer. The form shows the cost clearly. The company entity number should be in the upper left corner of the check. To complete this procedure, the LLC company entity number is required.

If the scheduling works out and the registered agent for the New Jersey Process Service of the LLC applies to alter the LLC name, the name change may be completed on the same day the annual report is submitted. The yearly report and the address change are included in the price. Annual reports must be submitted online because of state regulations. 

To ensure that all relevant federal, state, and local authorities are made aware of the name change, various New Jersey Process Service notifications need to occur. It is essential to provide proof of a new address and the request for complete tax paperwork per the New Jersey Process Service. Obligations, whereinafter businesses must submit Form 8822.

Even if it is inside the same state, the Secretary of state must be informed of any movement. Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or forming a corporation may also need amendments to the articles of organization and incorporation.  All state-level tax and New Jersey Process Service paperwork must be submitted to the proper address; the Department of Revenue must be informed. 

All agencies that provide business permits or licenses should be informed so that updated address information may be sent with renewal notices. A  new business license should be obtained if the new business location is in a different city or county. The certificate displays the [A.] Business Name, Trade Name (if applicable), [B.] Taxpayer ID (usually the employer identification number), [C.] Business Address, [D.]  Contractor Certification Number (State-issued), [E.] Certification Issuance Date, and [F.] Effective Date (business start date entered on Form NJ-REG). 

Electronic filing requirements are being set as the State of New Jersey prepares to eliminate paper filing. Many people have to submit numerous returns, and if they reach specific criteria, they must file online. This new rule is in effect for new company registrants, requiring them to utilize chosen tax returns and reports on a paperless filing and payment basis. E-filing of sales tax is now required together with the business’s yearly report. 

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2. The Governor shall be not less than thirty years of age and shall have been for at least twenty years a citizen of the United States, and a resident of this state seven years next before the election, unless the Governor shall have been absent during that time on the public business of the United States or of this State. A person shall be eligible for the office of Lieutenant Governor only if eligible under this Constitution for the office of Governor.

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The Deputy State Treasurer shall have and exercise the powers and perform the functions and duties of the State Treasurer during the absence or disability of the State Treasurer.  The Deputy State Treasurer shall also have and exercise such of the powers and perform such of the functions and duties of the State Treasurer as he shall be authorized and directed by the State Treasurer.  Any such authorization and direction shall be in writing, signed by the State Treasurer and filed with the Secretary of State, and shall include a designation of the period during which it shall be and remain in force.  No such authorization and direction shall be deemed to preclude the State Treasurer from exercising the powers and the performance of the duties included in said authorization and direction.  In the event that the State Treasurer shall die, resign or be removed from office, or become disqualified to execute the duties of his office, or a vacancy shall occur in the office of State Treasurer for any cause whatsoever, the person then holding the office of Deputy State Treasurer shall continue to hold such office and shall have and exercise the powers and perform the functions and duties of the State Treasurer until the successor of the State Treasurer shall be appointed and shall qualify.

Notwithstanding any other provision in existing law, L.1948,c.92,s.30;  amended 1959, c.41; 1974, c.34; 1999, c.440, s.90.

5. The Treasury Department is composed of the following divisions: 

  • Administration
  • Investment
  • Office of Revenue and Economic Analysis
  • Office of Management and Budget
  • Lottery
  • Pension and Benefits
  • Property Management and Construction
  • Public Contracts EEO Compliance
  • Public Finance
  • Purchase and Property
  • Revenue and Enterprise Services
  • Risk Management
  • Taxation




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9.Certificate of Change – Registered Name or Address, or Both( For Use by a Limited Liability Company) This form may be used by domestic and foreign Limited Liability Companies to change an agent name or address or both. If a P.O. box is used for registered addresses, the street address must be included. 

10. P.O. Box 308, Trenton, NJ 08646,

11.  In order to search the New Jersey State Business Gateway Service, type this number into Google or any other search engine.

12. Form 8822: (Rev. February 2021)Department of the Treasury  Internal Revenue Service

Change of Address (For Individual, Gift, Estate, or Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Returns




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