This article will provide guidance on how to serve legal papers on Twilio. As a cloud communications platform as a service business, Twilio is situated in San Francisco. Using Twilio’s web service APIs, software developers may make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and conduct other communication operations. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions About Process Servers!

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John Wolthuis launched Twilio with Evan Cooke in 2008. both in Seattle, Washington, as well as in San Francisco, California. After Jeff Lawson designed an application to rickroll individuals, Dave McClure used it as a joke on TechCrunch founder and editor Michael Arrington in November 2008.  Twilio Voice, an API for making and receiving phone conversations hosted in the cloud, was released a few days later on November 20, 2008. After a public beta in July 2011, Twilio’s SMS shortcodes were made available to the public. Click here for information on How To Identify A Good Process Service Agency

Venture capital financing for Twilio’s expansion totaled around $103 million at the end of 2013. In March 2009, Twilio obtained an undisclosed sum in initial investment from Mitch Kapor, The Founders Fund, Dave McClure, David G. Cohen, Chris Sacca, Manu Kumar, from K9 Ventures, and Jeff Fluhr.

In addition to Amazon and Salesforce, Twilio secured over a hundred and thirty million dollars in Series E funding in July 2015 from Fidelity, T Rowe Price, Altimeter Capital Management, and Arrowpoint Partners.

With its focus on client acquisition, Twilio is well recognized for its use of platform evangelism to attract new users. When technology evangelism is applied to an all-encompassing platform, it is referred to as ‘platform evangelism,’ ‘developer relations,’ ‘developer and platform evangelism,’ ‘developer advocacy,’ or ‘API advocacy,’ among other terms. In order to maximize the platform’s market share, it tries to accelerate the creation of a platform’s commercial ecosystem of supplementary items developed by independent (third-party) developers. A primary goal of this effort is enabling developers to engage, create, and offer feedback to help the platform thrive. Twilio’s text messaging service is used by GroupMe, which was established during the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon in May 2010. In January 2011, it received more than ten million dollars from venture capitalists. A USD 250,000 ‘micro fund for entrepreneurs utilizing Twilio was announced by seed accelerator 500 Startups after the success of the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon in September 2010. Click here for information on How Rush Process Service Can Expedite Your Case.


A Combinator-backed business that provides two-factor authentication services to end-users, developers, and corporations, was bought by Twilio in February of 2015. Soon after, the Kurento WebRTC open-source project was developed by Tikal Technologies, which was bought by Twilio in September 2016 for eight and a half million dollars. Beepsend, a Swedish-based SMS messaging service, was next in line to buy by Twilio in February 2017, followed by  Utica, a Prague, Czech Republic-based speech analytics startup, which was acquired by Twilio in September 2018. Click here for information on How Service of Process Ensures A Solid Foundation.

SendGrid, a Denver, Colorado-based customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email, was then acquired by Twilio in October 2018 for two billion dollars. Core Network Dynamics GmbH, a Berlin, Germany-based virtual EPC (Evolved Packet Core) specialty firm, was acquired by Twilio in November 2018. Click here for information on How Process Servers Protect Your Rights: Myths Debunked

Electric Imp, an Internet of Things platform business, in July 2020 as well as a Segment in October 2020 for three billion dollars were lined up as Twilio acquisitions. However, Twilio instead saw that Whip, a toll-free messaging service company, was acquired by Twilio in May 2021 for $850 million.


Through APIs, Twilio connects HTTP to the PSTN and hosts telephone infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. As a managed service, Amazon EC2 is protected by the AWS global network security procedures that are described in the Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes whitepaper Amazon Web Providers and other cloud hosting services have made cloud hosting more stable and accessible than ever before. Cloud-hosted PBX corporate phone systems are now available on AWS thanks to technology developed by Tech mode. Company staff will be more accessible to optimize company operations, improve customer service, and increase profitability in this sort of setting. 

To prevent disruptions Twilio adheres to a set of architectural design principles, and gained accolades for remaining online during the major Amazon Web Services outage in April 2011.

Twilio has a reputation for supporting open-source software development. After launching OpenVBX in June of 2010, Twilio released a free, open-source solution called PBX that enables businesses to set up and route phone calls.  On September 1, Kyle Conroy of Twilio published Stashboard—an open-source status dashboard developed in Python that any API or software business may use to indicate if their service is running well.  Additionally, Twilio is supporting Jeff Lindsay’s Localtunnel, which allows developers to expose their local development environment to the public Internet from behind a network address translation (NAT). 


Twilio Inc is a foreign stock corporation for the purposes of California Process service. The entity was established on 30th June 2008 in the state of Delaware, although it is currently active in California. It retains a registered agent for service of process, a role fulfilled by the Corporation Service Company. The Corporation Service Company does business in California as CSC – Lawyers Incorporating Service.

Twilio has its principal office in California, equivalent to its mailing address for California Process Service. A Statement of Information is due every year beginning five months before and through the end of June to comply with this California Process service.  To qualify a corporation from another state, foreign country, or other places to transact intrastate business in California,  the entity must file a Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation (Form S&DC-S/N) with the California Secretary of  State.  Form S&DC-S/N is required along with a current Certificate of Good Standing issued by the government agency where the foreign corporation is formed so as to deal with California Process service. The Certificate must certify that the corporation is in existence, inactive status, or in good standing. If the corporation is a nonprofit, the Certificate of Good Standing must indicate the corporation is a nonprofit or nonstock corporation to prevent confusion in the California Process service.

Twilio International Inc is a relatively recent subsidiary of Twilio, established on 20th May 2020. The entity was formed in the state of Delaware, classifying it as a foreign stock corporation for purposes of California Process Service. This means that the entity is currently active in California for California Process Service Like other Twilio entities, Twilio International Inc retains as its registered agent for service of process the   Corporation Service Company. It must be known that the Corporation Service Company does business in California as CSC – Lawyers Incorporating Service. 

It is additionally relatively simple to find the most current California registered Corporate Agent for California Process service address and authorized employee(s) information, identifying the same from the most current 1505 Certificate. If the corporation is registered with the California Secretary of State, they may file Form 1505 to become a  corporate agent for California Process service for other business entities in California that have registered with the California  Secretary of State.   The status of the corporation must be active in order to file Form 1505. An ‘Agent for Service of Process’ is responsible for accepting legal documents (e.g. service of process, lawsuits, other types of legal notices, etc.) on behalf of the business entity

Twilio International Inc sees its principal office in San Francisco, where California Process Service by mail is also directed.  A Statement of Information is due every year beginning five months before and through the end of May. The fee for filing a Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation (Form S&DC-S/N) is USD 100.00  for a foreign stock corporation and USD 30.00 for a foreign nonprofit corporation. If the corporation is a nonprofit, the Certificate of Good Standing must indicate the corporation is a  nonprofit or nonstock corporation to get the USD30 filing fee as per California Process service standards. 

Customers may use SendGrid (also known as Twilio SendGrid) to send transactional and marketing emails. SendGrid is situated in Denver, Colorado, and retains the National Registered Agents Inc as a registered agent for California Process Service

Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez, and Tim Jenkins launched the firm in 2009 via the Techstars accelerator program. There are now six SendGrid locations around the United States, as well as an additional two offices based in Europe: one in London and one in the United Kingdom.

A debut on the New York Stock Exchange was made by the business on November 16, 2017. SendGrid was bought by Twilio in February of this year.

SendGrid is a cloud-based email distribution service that helps organizations. Shipping alerts, friend requests, sign-up confirmations, and email newsletters are all handled by the service. As well as ISP monitoring, domain keys, sender policy framework (SPF), and feedback loops, it is also capable of handling them. Links and open rates are also tracked by the firm. [ Tracking email open rates, unsubscribing, bounce rates, and spam complaints are also possible with this software. With the help of a collaboration with Twilio in 2012, the firm added SMS, voice, and push notification capabilities to its service.

Besides the freemium and pay-per-use options, SendGrid also has three paid tiers: Essentials, Pro, and Premier. Delivering email is a service SendGrid provides to a wide range of customers including Airbnb.

Segment.Io, Inc. offers application programming interface solutions. The Company collects, clean, and control customer data with segment, as well as provides data integration, governance, and audience management services. Segment.Io serves customers in the State of California in its Technology sector. The entity specifies in  Software & Tech Services and was initially incorporated in California on 2nd May 2011. Currently, retains an address in San Francisco, although California Process Service may also be accomplished via phone or mailing. has not specified a registered agent for California Process Service. The complete street address of either the registered agent or the business is required, including the street name and number, city, and zip code. One must not enter a P.O. Box address, an ‘in care-of address, or abbreviate the name of the city if they want to comply with California Process service.

Additionally, sometimes, a small corporation will designate an officer or director as the agent for the California Process service. The individual agent should be aware that the name and the physical street address of the agent for service of process is a public record, open to all (as are all the addresses of the corporation provided in filings made with the California Secretary of State.

Twilio Expansion LLC is a generally limited liability company that was incorporated in the state of Delaware. The entity was formed on 6th March 2019 and retains the Corporation Service Company as its registered agent for process service. A Delaware LLC is a company entity that exists independently of its owners in the eyes of the law. The debts and responsibilities of a Delaware LLC are not the responsibility of the owners or management of the business.

As a pass-through organization, a Delaware LLC may be taxed like any other corporation. Due to its unique blend of corporation and partnership characteristics, it is sometimes referred to as a ‘hybrid’ entity. However, it is vital to point out that LLCs are not companies, despite the fact that they may be recognized as legal partnerships. An LLC’s owners (or members) may be people or any sort of business located anywhere in the globe, and the number of owners is limitless.

Since Corporation Service Company is based out of Delaware, it has a localized address operating out of Wilmington for purposes of Delaware Process Service. 

Twilio Colombia S A S is located in Bogota, D.C., Colombia, and is part of the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry.  This comes under NAICS code 541512 – Computer Systems Design Services. Computing systems that combine hardware, software, and communication technologies make up the bulk of this business in the United States. 

System hardware and software components may be offered by this organization or corporation as part of integrated services or provided by third parties or suppliers. Installing the system and training and supporting users is generally done by these businesses.


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New York: (212) 203-8001 – 590 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor, New York, New York 10022
Brooklyn: (347) 983-5436 – 300 Cadman Plaza West, 12th Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11201
Queens: (646) 357-3005 – 118-35 Queens Blvd, Suite 400, Forest Hills, New York 11375
Long Island: (516) 208-4577 – 626 RXR Plaza, 6th Floor, Uniondale, New York 11556
Westchester: (914) 414-0877 – 50 Main Street, 10th Floor, White Plains, New York 10606
Connecticut: (203) 489-2940 – 500 West Putnam Avenue, Suite 400, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830
New Jersey: (201) 630-0114 – 101 Hudson Street, 21 Floor, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
Washington DC: (202) 655-4450 – 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 300, Washington DC 20004

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1. Some of Twilio’s competitors are Bandwidth, Yenasys, MMG, SignalWire, CLX (Sinch, Symsoft, MBlox), Link Mobility, Soprano Design (Orange Gum, SITmobile, Silverstreet), Infobip, Vonage (Nexmo), Plivo, Clickatell, Kaleyra, and BICS (TeleSign).

2. In its initial A round of fundraising, Union Square Ventures contributed $3.7 million; in its second B round of funding, Bessemer Venture Partners contributed $12 million.

In December 2011, Bessemer Venture Partners and Union Square Ventures invested $17 million in Twilio’s Series C investment. Another $70 million was invested in Twilio by Redpoint Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), and Bessemer Venture Partners in July 2013

3. TWLO went public on June 23, 2016, with a 92% gain on the first day of trading.  According to Twilio’s March 2020 press release, Steve Pugh was named CSO, and Glenn Weinstein was named CCO.

4. On its website, Twilio mentions a number of additional open-source projects, including Flask Restful: Python Flask (web framework) to build REST APIs. Shadow: Runs requests through a release candidate with real production traffic.Banker’s Box: Wrapper for storage backend.

5. Entity Address: 375 BEALE STREET SUITE 300 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94105

6. Entity Mailing Address: 375 BEALE STREET SUITE 300 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94105

7. Referring to within the past six months

8. The status of the corporation can be checked online on the California Secretary of State’s Business Search at

9. Entity Address: 375 BEALE STREET, SUITE 300 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94105

10. Entity Mailing Address: 375 BEALE STREET, SUITE 300 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94105

11. 1801 CALIFORNIA ST STE 500 DENVER CO 80202

Entity Mailing Address: 1801 CALIFORNIA ST STE 500 DENVER CO 80202

12. was the name of the project before SendGrid became Twilio SendGrid, a domain name that is still controlled by Sendgrid. From Riverside, California in July 2009 to the company’s enlistment into TechStars in September 2010, SendGrid was based out of a garage in the city of Boulder, Colorado. Highway 12 Ventures led a $750,000 investment round announced in December 2009, bringing the total raised by the firm to date to $750,000. SoftTech VC, FF Angel, and TechStars founder David Cohen were among the other participants. 

13. ADDRESS 100 California Street Suite 700 San Francisco, CA 94111 United States

14. PHONE 1-415-213-2870

15. CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY 251 LITTLE FALLS DRIVE WILMINGTON County: New Castle DE Postal Code: 19808 302-636-5401

16. TWILIO COLOMBIA S A S’s headquarters is located at CALLE 84 A 10 50 PISO 5 BOGOTA, D.C. Colombia


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